Monday, May 12, 2008

Hey Teacher


So after enjoying a thoroughly relaxing Mother’s Day yesterday, it’s time to get back to my actual mom work that earns me that single day off once a year.

My son has been noticing that when he does certain things, his right knee hurts. Sometimes it's tolerable and other times he is on the ground crying. He did twist that knee in a wrestling match a few months back, so I took him back to the orthopedic surgeon.

After x-rays, the ortho said it is Osgood-Schlatter Disease, which sounds way scarier than it is. Basically, it’s an overuse injury that occurs in athletic adolescents during a growth spurt.

The treatment, right now anyway, is that he can do what he wants, but if he starts to feel pain, he must stop the activity. The doctor said he didn’t care if it was climbing stairs, playing, gym class or an actual athletic competition. If my son feels pain, he is to stop doing what he’s doing and he has to wear a knee brace.

Fair enough, I thought, but trying to keep my son sedentary, even in pain, is definitely harder than I thought. Little boys are supposed of be made of snails and puppy dog tails. Mine is made out of mexican jumping beans and bungee cords.

The doctor was kind enough to write notes to my son’s gym...oops, sorry, PE...oops, sorry, not PE, it’s now called Kinetic Wellness....teacher and to his athletic coaches telling them he may participate in Kinetic Wellness and sports, BUT he must stop activity immediately if he feels any pain in his right knee. The doctor even gave me some pamphlets to pass out to all of them explaining Osgood-Schlatter.


Well it was until Friday when my son came home limping and in pain. Of course, I immediately started in with the “you are supposed to stop when your knee hurts” lecture when he interrupted me and said he tried to but his Kinetic Wellness teacher wouldn’t let him.

“What do you mean he wouldn’t let you?” I yelped. “You have a doctor’s note.”

My son said that the teacher told him that the note said that he could return to Gym/PE/Kinetic Wellness.

Yes, it did say that in the first sentence, but there was a big booty of a BUT in the second sentence!

WTF? Didn’t he read it? I even sent along the colorful accompanying pamphlet!

This Gym/PE/Kinetic Wellness teacher is a little overboard at times. I realize that there are a lot of overweight children who eat like crap and sit in front of TVs in this country and it is a problem.

That is not my son. It’s killing him to have to sit out sometimes, BUT, he has a doctor’s note instructing him to do so.

So, what’s this teacher’s problem? I don’t know yet. I’ve e-mailed him nicely reminding him of what the note said and I’m anxiously awaiting his response.

If I don’t like it, I will head over there in my Catboots and add his name to another brick in the wall of battles Mom/JessiCat has had to fight.

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Sassy Mama Bear said...

Kinetic Wellness Class? You have got to be kidding me?
I am so seriously happy I homeschool once again, but I would like to have a wall.

The Rock Chick said...

sassy: No, not kidding. Kinetic Wellness! LOL Believe me, i've been tempted from things just like this many, many times to homeschool, but I know I couldn't do it. Besides, who would I argue with on a regular basis? LOL

Jenny McB said...

As someone who went into teaching as a second career and left after 5 years...there are more than a few who think they know more than the rest of us.

My son had that and ice, rest and motrin. That was the year he grew 6 inches, I kid you not! Plus his feet hurt from growing. Good luck and send off an email, include the school nurse and principal. I love including others in my emails to the school.

pjazzypar said...

Some teachers can be overzealous and you did right to contact him. Since he is not returning any of your emails you might have to call him or maybe even pay him a visit. I have a son and I use to hate the visit because I would arrive at the school with an attitude due to being ignored.

You are right about the fat kids in this country. Sometimes when I am passing by children I look to see how many children are overweight and believe me most of them are. With all of the instant snacks, super sized fast food meals, video games, and lack of exercise, we are killing the next generation of adults.

The Rock Chick said...

Jenny: yes, it sounds as though it will clear itself up. The worst part is that my son is allergic to aspirin products and can't take Motrin, Advil or anything like that and Tylenol doesn't do much. I'll have to keep your email advice in mind!!

pjazzy: I hate to deal with the school. I'm sure dealing with parents aren't often the high points of the teachers, either, but sometimes they definitely cross the line!!!!

I 100% agree. Kids need to be active. I don't care if it's sports or dance or just being outside playing with the neighbor kids, they can't just sit around all the time. It's so unhealthy.

Crystal said...

That would tick me off. I hope your son's knee is better soon.