Sunday, May 11, 2008

You Are My Sunshine


Today is Mother’s Day!

A day that I adore

Just not for gifts galore

I know this may sound crass

I most enjoying sitting on my ass!

I know, I screwed up the poetic meter, but, you get the idea :)

They say the best gifts sometimes come in the smallest of packages. That’s probably true if you are a big fan of diamonds or iPods or any material things that bring us joy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to turn down a present, but I really think the greatest of gifts can't be wrapped at all.

It may be cold and rainy here in Chicago this Mother’s Day, but all I see is bright lights. Four of them to be exact, so radiant that I have to put on some shades!

This week each one of my four teenagers has showed me what truly remarkable people and what gifts they are. And even better, they do actually listen when I’m talking :)

Friday night I was an emotional wreck because I learned that my Oldest Daughter, Ariana, had decided not to attend her Junior Prom. I loved every minute of high school and all that went with it and I was terribly worried that this was something my daughter might regret someday.

Every day Ariana teaches me something and that day I learned that she is not me.

I know I had let her down because due to an incredibly busy schedule between work, school and activities and the only time we really could shop for a dress was last Saturday afternoon. That's when I ended up in the hospital being injected with morphine because of a cluster headache instead of dress shopping.

I felt absolutely sick that I was the reason she wasn’t going until a little birdie whispered in my ear that she had told her date she wouldn’t go with him because he had mistreated one of her closest friends somehow. I don’t know the whole story and I don’t need to know.

All I know is that my Oldest Daughter is one of the most loyal and selfless people I know. Not only will she stand up and completely defend and stand by those that she loves, she will sacrifice something like going to Junior Prom instead of going along with someone or something that she thinks is wrong.

She is beautiful, smart, talented, and righteous. I am in complete awe of her sense of principles and her determination to stand by them. I can not even find the words to express how proud I am of her and everything she is.

Everyone on this planet should be lucky enough to have a daughter like her.

Earlier this week was cheerleading tryouts for high school for next year and Samantha (who will be a sophomore) and Erica (incoming freshman) were both going to try out. All three of my girls have been involved in competition cheerleading squads for years and while just getting them to the practices, games and competitions exhausts me, they love it so therefore, I love it, too!

I was surprised that Samantha decided theday before try-outs not to try out. She was all teary-eyed and I knew there had to be some reason for this, but she wasn’t going to tell me what it was.

I had that mommy feeling that a little bit of sibling rivalry might be involved. Moms have an uncanny ability to hear what it is the child is not saying, you know?

Erica, the younger one, has outstanding cheerleading, flexibility and tumbling skills. My gut told me that Sam might have been a little worried that Erica would place on the varsity squad even though she will only be a freshman, and that Sophomore Sam may end up on the Junior Varsity squad.

I told Sam that we all have our strengths. Sam was gifted with musical skills beyond compare and let’s just say that Erica wasn’t. Because you may not be the best at something does not mean you shouldn’t do it. If you like it, do it.

I gave a sigh of relief when Sam, seriously at the last minute, asked me to bring her try-out clothes and cheerleading shoes to school. Sam gave it her all and so did Erica and I am the super proud mom of not one, but TWO VARSITY cheerleaders at the high school. Woooo Hoooooo!!! Way to go girls!!!!

And then......I know this is a long post, but I have a lot of kids.......yesterday my son competed in two track events in conferences and won. He is going to the state competition next weekend!

As my sister texts, “Ur kidz have mad skillz”. Yes, they do! They are amazing and o state competition next weekend means one more thing! ROAD TRIP!

Next weekend I will be making the almost four hour road trip to Springfield, IL to wacth my son compete. I love these weekend road trips even though it involves driving past lots of corn fields. We always have a great time!

To my four babies, no matter how old you get, you will always be the lights in my life. You are my sunshines. Each and every one of you. I’m the lucky one, believe me. We may be celebrating me today, but 'm thanking God for gifting me with you. Love you all.

See what I mean about gifts not coming in any packages? I want to wish all my mommy bloggy buddies a very happy Mother’s Day and let you know that while my hubby JW is out grocery shopping, running errands and driving the kids around so I don’t have to today, I will be totally enjoying my favorite Mom’s Day presents. The gift of having having so much pride in my children that I could bust wide open and the gift to do absolutely NOTHING and having to be NOWHERE except on the couch with my computer and some really bad Lifetime movies!

Try tying a bow onto those things!

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Talisman said...

I didn't go to my Jr. or Sr. Prom. Thirteen years later, I still don't regret it. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

You are definitely blessed with some talented kids, Congrats to them all, and to you MOM, because you helped mold them into the people that they are and will continue to grow to be.
Hope you had a great day, and good luck at State!

The Rock Chick said...

Talisman: I dont think my daughter will regret it either, it's just hard for me to imagine.

sassy: thank you for the nice words!! I did have a great day and am really looking forward to next weekend!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a great day and yes, you do have some great kids! Congrats to them for their achievements. :)