Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sock It To Me

I haven’t Catbooted a celebrity in a long while. Things have been dull in Hollywoodland since Britney and Paris have started behaving themselves somewhat. It’s a bore having to cut your own nails simply because there is nothing available to scratch.

Angelina has more babies? Yawn. A Wal-Mart employee steals pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears breast feeding? Nah. (Who does that, anyway? No, not breast feed. Who sends pictures of their naked boobs to Wal-Mart to be developed by pimply, hormone surging teenagers or worse? She is a freakin’ celebrity! Doesn’t she have a printer?)

So yeah, I’ve had nothing to work with....until now!

It seems that the karma crackpot, Sharon Stone, has misplaced her basic instincts and is taking a lot of heat (from a judge!) for wanting to take her 8 year old son, Roan, (Roan Stone? Can’t be. Too good to be true.) to get Botox shots in his feet in order to cure his foot odor problem. yeeeee-ouch!

Roan Stone’s father suggested less invasive procedures, like changing his socks and perhaps buying an alternate pair of shoes and using foot deodorant. Hey, that almost sounds like something we regular old Earthlings might try and certainly, Roan’s father has appreciate to feet. He almost lost one of his after he went barefoot into a Komodo Dragon enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo.

Yep, the wack-a-doodle-doo went from smokin’ hot Sharon Stone to definitely smokin’ something Sharon Stoned, I think.

I’m wishing for the sake of all of her kids, that this insanity is temporary. Maybe she just mistakenly bummed a cigarette from Amy Winehouse and the effects will wear off as quickly as little Roan now changes his court-ordered socks.

We can only hope.


Dustin said...
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Dustin said...

Sorry, I had too many typos in the first one to allow it to stay.

What I had said was the name could be worse. They could have called him Rawling. Then, one daythey're all camping and they decide to build an honest to goodness campfire and need some kindling. So she sends her boy on his way and he brings back a few twigs and whatnot. Not enough to get a fire going. Being an obviously creative mother, Sharon tells her son, "Mas! We need Mas!" (Spanish for "more" if anyone doesn't know). So in a defiant fit of rebellion, the boy says "NO, MOM! Rawling Stone gathers NO MAS!"

*Insert Groans here*

Crazy Sharon!

The Rock Chick said...

Dustin: I can't groan, I'm laughing too hard. You and Crystal make me smile :)

Crystal said...

OMG, D, you are such a geek. :oP