Thursday, August 7, 2008

Smile For The Camera (Thursday Thirteen #41)

On Monday, People magazine released the Brad and Angelina “twins edition” of their magazine. The pictures reportedly cost People $14 million dollars, which The Jolie-Pitt’s will donate to charity. They are good that way.

Of course, I ran out to buy it! How could anyone resist 19 pages of Brangelina family pics?

I thought the cover pic was cute. Stunning parents and beautiful, happy babies. there is a whole lot of chatter that People Magazine photoshopped a smile on little Vivienne Marcheline. I know the public likes controversy, but why would anyone do that?

I don’t think Viv’s smile is photoshopped. I can think of thirteen reasons that baby could be smiling without the aid of computer technology.

Today is Thursday Thirteen...and here’s mine.


1. Gas?

2. Just moving her lips? Perhaps she just finished a yawn.

3. She could be happy she got a normal name. Knox? (who’s there?)

4. Ummm...she’s part of the Brangie Bunch! What kid wouldn’t be smiling?

5. Perhaps Knox is playing a little footsie?

6. She’s trying to get Brangelina’s attention away from her brother. Why ARE they only looking at one baby on the cover pic?

7. She’s relieved that adults are holding her instead of her siblings.

8. Maybe something on Angelina’s hausfrau dress is tickling her. I'm not buying that that dress is something Angelina really wears.

9. I think it’s possible that we’re misinterpreting the picture. Brad could have kissed her right before the it was taken and his bed head hairdo poked her and she’s really about to cry.

10. She’s elated that later in the shoot, it will be Knox, and not her, that Shiloh pokes in the eye.

11. She realized that her parents are two of the best looking people in the world, so her chances of being totally hot are better than Paris Hilton’s were.

12. She could be just be asleep and dreaming. My kids smiled like that in their sleep sometimes.

13. Personally, I think she’s laughing her ass off at the $14 million dollar price tag for the pictures of her half undressed and somewhat unclean looking family. Seriously.


Amy's Blah, Blah, Blogging said...

Seriously funny list...being a mom myself my guess is the gas...or the 14 million. That is funny!

This Eclectic Life said...

You are seriously silly, lady. I agree that perhaps she is tuning up to cry. My kids always looked happiest right before they started to wail like banshees.

i must confess said...

my baby always smiles even when they're just newborn...for whatever reason, they're always smiling.

Malcolm said...

This was funny and creative. Props for coming up with 13 reasons... all of which are legit. It would be great if we could remember things as far back as when we were newborns. Then, when Vivienne is old enough, we could ask her why she was really smiling. I don't think it's photoshopped either.

yasmin said...

rotflmao...loved this list esp. #1 and #13. Thanks for sharing and please visit me:

B Boys Mom said...

I hope it not a fixed smile. The babies are very cute. Love you TT! Thanks for visiting mine.

JennyKat said...

Love the list...good reasons. Anyone who's ever been round infants know they make "smiles" from an early age...even if they don't know they are smiling. Always something to try to create discussion about.

Toni said...

This is a GREAT post. You made me laugh out loud! Those were great reasons! Love it.

Happy TT!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your TV this fall!

Clara said...

I love baby pix! My daughter smiled from day 1. So maybe she's just happy. Cool post.

Thanks for stopping by my place. I've seen Lake Michigan from Chicago and, as you said, it's just as beautiful no matter the location.

PopArtDiva said...

Only the RockChick could make a Thursday Thirteen out of a baby smile!!!!! LOL.

BTW, - in re: your comment on Vegas on PopArtDiva , my Retro Pop Culture Blog though Vegas is now capuut (how does one spell Kaput?) Tom Selleck is now slated to be on Dancing with the Stars starting Sept. 22! Thought you might wanna know.....or did you have a thing for Josh or James Caan???
Ya give good blog, madam!

Ladykli said...

Now that's a great list. Since I'm learning photoshop that's my guess!

Thanks for stopping by!

Julia Smith said...

LOL! I thought the same thing about the nightdress Angelina's wearing...

Shelley said...

Great list, but I have to say something in defense of the dress. I would never, ever, ever wear something like that in my life...but right after I had my 6th baby, I had this wretch inducing desire to have and wear one...and I did...about twice. Got over it really fast. Where in the world did that come from?!!!

Jackie said...

I LOVE them!! I'm dying to get the magazine but my store was actually sold out of them yesterday! LOL I'm going to look again today.

Great TT!!! :)

Jessica Morris said...

I haven't been able to find a copy of this one yet either!! Bummer. I want to see the pics!

This list was funny :)

Crystal said...

They photochop everything these days. Wouldn't doubt it... that's my guess too.

(I'll spare you my rant on Brangelina!)