Thursday, May 1, 2008

I Am, I Said

A weeping willow.

Yes, I am. I said it. Happy or sad, when the tears start to drip, there is nothing I can do to shut off the faucet.

Last night I actually had nowhere to go (whew!) so the hubby and I sat down in front of the big screen to watch a super exciting Wednesday night lineup...A special evening edition of “The Price Is Right” and The American Idol eliminations.

When we were first married, JW and I both worked the night shift. Instead of couch potato-ing with prime time TV, we were hooked on daytime soaps and The Price Is Right.

Were. I had to stop watching the game show when I was pregnant and my hormones were all out of whack because everytime the announcer yelled “Come On Down!” I cried because I was just so darn happy for the contestants. Ridiculous, but I had to give it up cold turkey because by the time I got to work in the afternoon, my eyes were red and my makeup was smudgy.

Despite my husband’s teasing, we made it through the entire Price is Right episode without any weeping on my part.

So, what did start my willows weeping last night?

Brooke White’s elimination from American Idol. My heart just broke for her and I cried along with her.

I know all but one Idol has to go eventually and I didn’t expect Brooke to win, but I also don’t think it was her week to go.

When she accompanies herself on the guitar, she doesn’t have much appeal, I agree. Behind the piano, though, she is another story. I think she has some confidence issues and the piano acts as a barrier of sorts for her, but I think she completely redeemed herself with her second performance of “I Am, I Said”.

I guess she sang and no one was there. Did no one hear her at all? Not even the chair? (I never understood that lyric.)

I heard you, Brooke, no worries.

It should have been Jason Castro’s adios because, he has been, well, just dreadful (ha ha!) for a few weeks now. He’s completely phoning in his performances lately and I can’t understand how that is translating into votes being phoned in on his behalf.

Maybe he’s just been having a hard time with the weekly themes and song choices. Is he sipping from Paula’s cup before the shows? Never heard these Neil Diamond songs before? Paula hears them when they haven't even been sung yet. C'mon, Jason!

Too bad they don’t have a Tiny Tim week. I can totally see him rocking a version of “Tiptoe Through The Tulips” on his ukulele.

Anyway, I am making my official American Idol prediction. The two Davids will be the last ones standing.

I like David Archuletta a lot and I think his vocal tone and quality is amazing, he just doesn’t have the stage presence to be a superstar. Not yet, anyway.

David Cook is incredible and he has the voice and the presence to be a star. He should be the next American Idol.

I AM The Rock Chick and that’s what I SAID.


pjazzypar said...

Brooke was one of my favorites. In my opinion Jason should have left this week. Let's face it Idol is a popularity contest. Good one about Paula (LOL) I don't know if it is drinks or drugs, but something has her zoning out every week. I like David Cook for the last man standing, but I have been wrong before.

Malcolm said...

I went to You Tube to watch the clip of Paula's display of! I think that Paula would kick anyone's ass who tried to take a sip from her cup.

Just playing Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" in my head caused a glass in my cupboard to shatter.