Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, I picked up my kids and the neighbor kids from the high school. My oldest daughter and the boy across the street were laughing like crazy as the walked to the car.

What’s so funny?” I asked. Hey, I like to laugh, too.

My oldest daughter, between fits of laughter, told me that Middle Daughter got a detention.

DETENTION?! So far this story didn’t even sound mildly amusing.

Middle Daughter is really a good kid. She’s also very much like me, and let me tell you, had I ever received a detention in high school, I would have been mortified. I couldn’t even imagine a reason that she would get detention, unless, she told someone off. When she does that, she can be quite direct.

When she was young, she had terribly crossed eyes. Most of the kids never said anything about this, but there was one girl who was always teasing her. So, one day in class, she bent over and said...

“You know what, kiss my ass. I know it’s not as big as yours but you should be able to find a spot.”

Of course, I have NO idea where my daughter would have ever heard something like that and I tried to convince the principal of that, but it was hard between my fits of laughter.

“Just ask to borrow her cell phone!” chucked Neighbor Kid.

Yes, my kids all have their own cell phones. Our schedules are so chaotic and all the kids participate in a lot of activities and the cell phones allow us to communicate easier so I’m not waiting in the car an hour for a bus to come back and leaving another kids stranded somewhere.

That’s the main reason. Of course, they do use them for other things.

I saw Middle Daughter walking to the car and her large sapphire eyes looked horrified, so when she hopped in the car, I played along and asked if I could borrow her cell phone.

Obviously, she figured out that the big mouths in the car already told, so she came clean. Middle Daughter is serving a four hour detention this Saturday for the crime of Texting During Lunch. Gasp!

I would have been very angry with Texting During Class, but Texting During Lunch? That is a wee bit amusing, especially since it was me she was texting during lunch.

“She got busted because she texts like a freshman.” Oldest Daughter said.

What the heck does that mean? Is that anything like Walk Like An Egyptian? I didn’t know.

She proceeded to perform quite an animated version of Freshman Texting. Too much looking around only draws suspicion to the very thing they are trying to hide.

“You have to text without looking. Just do it and do it quickly so you don’t draw suspicion to yourself.” Oldest Daughter advised.

What great advice and glad to know Oldest Daughter can beat the system. She’s always been clever that way!

So, Middle Daughter will be cell phoneless until Saturday morning when she serves her detention detention for texting me during lunch. I guess my penalty for leading my kid so astray is having to get up early to take her there. I’m definitely getting the better end of the deal, no doubt.

Sigh. It’s always something.

C U l8r.


Anonymous said...

It's so cute to hear the sisterly dynamics! And "text like a freshman", really should be the next Weird Al song, done to "Walk like an Egyptian". You might want to send that one on to him right away.
Little Miss B wants a phone, and HAS wanted one for about two years now. She's 8 1/2. Do tell, should I be getting her one? The kid has everything else, maybe I was just holding out so I had some leverage or something. :)

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Texting like a Freshman, now we have a new lingo to learn.
I think that is ridiculous though, at lunch that should be okay. Not in class, but really.
Guess I am just too laid back. Love that kiss my ass story.

The Freelance Guru said...

Ok, what is worng with the teachers at your kid's school? Are they are control mad or something? What the heck is wrong with texting during lunch.

Crystal said...

That's a strange rule.

Qtpies7 said...

Weird that they can't text during luch. Our kids can use the phones in the hall and at lunch, just not in class.
Of course, I've been guilty of texting my son during class, lol, I just thought he'd get it between classes. Apparently the kids do it in class, too.

The Rock Chick said...

bsmommy: ahh, yes nothing like sisterly dynamics! My sister and I are still the same way. I dont think that changes! Personally, I like my kids having cell phones. I can get them all the time and they know they can get me, too.

sassy: I guess you cant use your phone at any time during school hours.

freelance: I have no idea why texting during lunch is a felony offense but it is. These are the same people who want to ban hoodies, too. What do I know?

crystal: yeah, a little bit :)

qtpies: I think they just want to grab as many cell phones as they can. They also look thru them if they take yours..all the pics, etc. I guess to make sure you're not doing anything illegal.

JAM said...

Texting is SO important to the young whipper-snappers isn't it?

Cracks me up that there's a whole "WAY" of texting that can put you in the cool, or not cool group. Texting like a freshman. I like it. I've never sent a text message so I'm sure I text like a kindergartener.