Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Not me personally, because I will smack you back.

My van, though? That’s another story. Either it’s is possessed, a magnet or it’s sending out some secret car signal begging to be smashed...

C’mon! Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

It’s a real tough cookie with a long history

For getting smashed up and annoying me

Before I put another notch in my policy

I better make sure this is the car for me.

I’ve had my van for three years. In that short period of time, on two occasions I’ve backed into things, and I’ve been rear ended pretty good not once, not twice, but three times! Some bandits broke into my car causing damage and you may remember that a few weeks ago, my car drove itself into my garage door and now...

Yesterday when I finished grocery shopping, I pushed my cart up to the back end of my Kia minivan to load up the car. As I reached for the handle to open the hatch, I caught a glimpse of my freshly struck rear bumper.

It was not like that when I went into the store.

Someone obviously had some difficulty backing out of their parking space because there’s not just one point of impact, there’s two!

One smash is smack dab in the middle of the bumper like someone backed out without turning enough and then there’s another on the side of the bumper. Ok, ok, I’ll give them credit, they did turn the wheels on the second attempt, but they were still backed out too far.

Was there a note? Of course not.


I’m not even going to get it fixed. Maybe my van is just not happy unless it looks abused, I don’t know.

I’m resigning myself that it’s there for the hitting. Fire Away!


Sassy Mama Bear said...

Our car has the same problem...shoot my own father-in-law recently smacked into it. We give up. Now to get my van fixed - need a transmission - and we will have a vehicle minus bumps until I of course, brush against something as I am so prone to doing.

Jessica Morris said...

That is horrible and so rude that the person didn't leave a note!!
Once when I was out grocery shopping this lady opened her car door and hit the car beside her (I didn't see it happen or see the damage) but this man saw her and started yelling at her because she just got in the car and wasn't going to do anything.

He was yelling all sorts of horrible stuff at her and telling her that she can't just hit a car and then drive off ... which I agree with, but he was VERY MEAN! He ended up walking off (I think he'd threatened to go get the manager or something...) and she quickly drove off - without leaving a note for the car she hit!!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness; that's awful. My jaw literally dropped. Two times? That's just, wow.

People are so awful to not leave notes.

The *chocolate* bracelet is on the site if you do decide you'd like it. Don't forget to use your code! :)

Qtpies7 said...

Wow, you could try to have the security cameras find the culprit. That is just horrid. It is one thing to leave a little scratch from a door, not that I condone not leaving a note, but that is understandable, it happens, but to back into someone TWICE, leaving dents, well, that calls for some hunting down!

What that the longest run-on sentence ever? NO?