Monday, April 14, 2008

Sleeping Bag

Did someone let the cat out the bag? Nope. Not in my house!

My cat is still in the bag over here! At least until I finish my book that is and let you in on all my CATastic secrets. Meow!


Crystal said...

Aww, cute!

It's funny what you find animals doing sometimes. Molly used to sleep in an empty water bottle box that got left on the kitchen floor for a while. It was cute!

JAM said...

I love how cats like to get into places like that. I saw a pic on the internet several times of a bunch of cardboard boxes scattered across a country road. There was a cat sitting in every upright box. I wish I could find that thing again.

Our cat loves it when we open our master bedroom closet door, it has those white, wire, plastic coated metal shelves in there and she loves climbing all around in there.