Monday, February 11, 2008

Where, Oh Where...

Has my wastebasket went? Oh, where oh where, can it be?

It’s a whopper of a who-done-it.

I washed my white and wicker washroom. I withdrew all of my washroom widgets to wipe down the whole shebang and when I was done, I was left wondering where my wicker wastebasket went.

I asked all my whippersnappers. They didn’t know.

I asked the one I wed. He didn’t have it, either.


Which leaves me wondering where in the world would it have went? With who? Why would anyone walk off with my wicker wastebasket? For What? This is wrong!

Woe is me, but no worries. I might just have to wield some wicked wiretapping work to work out this who-done-it.



Malcolm said...

Ah yes, the wicker wastebasket whodunit. It sounds like a case for either Hildegarde Withers or Lord Peter Wimsey.

Damien Riley said...

Peanut butter vision: when you stop looking it's on the shelf right in front of you.

This Eclectic Life said...

What in the world washed over you to get all caught up in "w" words? Is this what happens when a wastebasket "walks?"

The Rock Chick said...

malcolm: It certainly does! I think I'm leaning more towards Hildegarde :)

Damien: Ummm...I found it but it wasn't on the shelf in front of me....stay tuned for the update.

shelly: Oh I don't know..things just pop in my head, you know how it is!

Crystal said...

LOL You're so funny.

Glad you found it. :)