Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Impossible Dream

The Case of The Walkaway Wicker Wastebasket has been solved.

It seems I mistook my wicker waste can for one of my plant holders. The hubby noticed that one of the plants I have in the bathroom that was now in a wicker container used to be in a copper color holder. Somehow, the plant ended up in the wicker wastebasket.

Thank goodness that’s over. You can all go back to resuming your normal activities.

I’m officially opening the Bon Jovi countdown. Two weeks from tonight, I will be busy jumping up and down at a Bon Jovi concert. Woo Hoo!

A local radio station is having a call-in contest for...(get this!)...Jettin’ With Jovi! You can win tickets to the show here and one lucky winner will travel with Bon Jovi to Nashville in his private jet and see the show again in TN.

The contest happens every morning when I’m driving all the kids to school. This morning, we were ready. I had 6 kids in the car, so I had them all preset their cell phones to be ready to go when it was time to call.

It’s okay, even the neighbor kids are used to my Bon Jovi insanity.

We all got busy signals, of course. I was grumbling and then one of the neighbor kids said something to me.

“Miss Jessica, what if you win and you discover that you don’t like him? Wouldn’t that totally suck?”

Wow, well put. Yes, that would TOTALLY suck! It never even occurred to me that if I ever did get to actually meet and have a conversation with Bon Jovi, that I might not like him!

This could indeed happen. It’s happened to me before. Not with people, but with places. My overactive imagination runs a little wild sometimes.

I had been wanting to go to Las Vegas forever. I was envisioning glitz, blinking lights, glamour, and beautiful people cheering at tables over huge gambling wins.

When my dream Las Vegas vacation finally arrived, most of the time I found myself nauseated from free crappy drinks and seated on a video poker slot machine next to some crazy person who wouldn’t stop talking to me. Wayne Newton was awesome, though!

Disneyworld? Oh, the magic I dreamed of! I bounced off the plane and couldn’t wait to get into the parks! I’d be smiling, skipping and dancing my way through the parks, arm in arm with Mickey!

Yes, I had a nice time there, but it wasn’t anything I’d consider magical. I never even saw Mickey and nobody had stars swirling around their heads. My expectations were way off.

But, that’s the point, right? Sometimes our imaginations lift some person, place or idea up to standards that no one or no place could possibly meet.

Impossible dreams? We all have them and sometimes fantasy is better than reality. Maybe Bon Jovi is best left in The Rock Chick’s Fantasyland.

How about you?

Do you have a story about your fantasy being better than your reality?


Karina said...

I never saw Mickey at Disneyland either, was highly disappointed by that! ;-)

And Bon Jovi? How could you NOT like him? I tried to get tickets to see him next month but they were sold out, still, my friend an I will be in the building for something else (he's playing at Mohegan Sun Casino), so we're planning on being total groupies and hunting for him while we're there.

Crystal said...

It happens a lot, but I can't think of any specifics off the top of my head.

I LOVED Disney, but I was 8 and saw Mickey. We had breakfast with the characters. I doubt I'd want to ever go again though.

JAM said...

I would think that, if Mr. bon Jovi consented to participate in such a contest prize, then he pretty much has to be a decent person to be around, and willing to spend one on one time with a stranger. To me, his willingness to do such a thing is a good indicator that he is a good person to spend time with. I wouldn't worry.

My Big Sis has met Keith Urban (he's her John bon Jovi) twice already, and just won another contest to meet him again March 1 in Biloxi, Mississippi. She and five or six other fans get to go back stage and meet with him for a little while for talk and to take photos with him. She said he's super nice, funny, and considerate.

Again, I'd think that any star who consents to take part in such a thing must be great to hang with just based on their willingness to do this.

Fourier Analyst said...

Nope, couldn't happen. I mean we are talking Bon Jovi here!! You'd be so star-struck you would not even notice if you didn't like him!! There are some fantasies grounded in reality!!

Charnita's Xpressions said...

I am not sure how I stumbled on your blog, but I am enjoying it.
I am a BonJovi obsessed mom, too!!
7 of my best friends and i will go to Atlanta on May 1st...I can't wait.
And I can't wait to read about your adventures with him....
And he is so DELICIOUS how could you not love him....not to mention talented.
Nice to meet you!!!