Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spice Up Your Life

It’s one of my favorite weeks of the year, everyone! It’s Valentine’s Week!

Yes, WEEK. I celebrate Valentine’s Day for an entire week because I like it so much. One day just isn’t enough for me.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s week, Rock Chick?

I’m so glad you asked! The secret is to mix sugar and spice. Naughty with nice. I try to make a conscious effort to do things that might normally escape us on a daily basis as we are usually overwhelmed with work and the kids.

Like what? And how much is this Valentine’s week going to cost me?

Things can cost as little or as much as you’d like. I prefer the things cost very little because then you are forced to use your creativity and thoughtfulness in gift giving, which always makes for a much better gift! Time and effort put into a gift can definitely be more effective in showing someone how much you care. Think about it. How much effort does it take to call 1-800-flowers and order something? Zip. Nada. Forget the flowers! (Chocolate candy, though, is always acceptable.)

Yes, it all takes a little planning, but isn’t your sweetie worth it? Of course they are!

Here’s some ideas for you:

If you’re feeling “nice”: Head on over to They have a funny striptease video that you can put your face on. It’s very funny! Make one and send it to your sweetie!

If you’re feeling “naughty”: Make your own striptease video and sent it to your special someone’s cell phone! (it’s just an idea I had, I’ve never done that, I swear!)


You could be sugary and re-wrap some candy bars with romantic, sweet nothing messages.

Or you could be spicy and rewrap some candy bars with “for your eyes only” messages and pictures.

This is one of my favorites! For those of you who are “nice”, put a lottery ticket inside your Valentine card and write “I hope you’re as lucky as I am.AWWWWWWWW!

For my naughtier readers, you can write, “There’s more than one way to get lucky, you know.”


You can make your own gift certificates or coupons! Don’t make anything that you have no intention of actually doing, though, and no promises that you can’t keep. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of the gift.

You nice people can make coupons for bubble baths, massages, chores, etc.

People of the naughtier variety can make other types of coupons...(wink, wink!)


Nice: write a good old-fashioned love letter.

: check out They have personalized stories starring you and your valentine ranging from sexy to x-rated. It’s free! (not that I’ve ever been to that site, of course)

Nice and naughty! Write a sweet or “steamy” message on the bathroom mirror before your Valentine goes in the shower!


Nice: model some new red pajamas or lingerie

Naughty: Try out a costume! Cupid or The Queen of Hearts, anyone?


Pick out a cute little teddy bear and put a little note on it that says “I love you BEARY much.

Naughty: Be naked wearing a little note around your neck that says “I love you BARE-Y much.” (again, I swear, I never did that, either!)


Whether you are naughty or nice or a mixture of both, the idea is to be creative and do something special, something different and something that makes you feel giddy and in love all over again!

That ought to give you some ideas! I can’t divulge all my secrets, you know.

What are some of your naughty or nice Valentine’s Day/Week ideas?


Jessica Morris said...

lol - I can't even imagine what you DIDN'T share... that's a lot of ideas!! :)

We don't do valentines week... in fact up until 20 minutes ago Paul was suppose to be gone (overnight) with work over V-day, so I hadn't even thought of anything to do. Our thing is Christmas and birthdays :)
But now I will have to do something.

Damien Riley said...

Those are some great ideas. My wife and I just went to the food court in the mall and went our separate ways to buy gifts. Then, we met at the fountains and exchanged gifts. I got an REM CD and some amazing other books I wanted. I got her a white gold heart pendant necklace. We were both pretty happy.

This Eclectic Life said...

"I swear I never did that"

Methinks thou dost protest too much!
LOL Great list. Just the product I would expect from your wonderfully twisted mind. Thanks. I may try a couple of these. The naughty ones, of course.

The Rock Chick said...

Jessica: Well, I can't spill everything! I have to have retain some sense of mystery to remain intriguing :) Try one of them!

damien: very cool! I like the idea of shopping and then exchanging gifts right there! Did you figure out your flower delivery situation?

shelly: (wink, wink) You can read me like a blog, sweetie! The naughty ones are more fun :)

Crystal said...

Those are cute ideas!

We're not huge V-day people, but I did think about buying those silly little conversation hearts and leaving them in strategic places (and by strategic, I mean, in his lunch box or by his toothbrush, etc... get yer mind outta the gutter!). ;o)