Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have a problem that I can no longer ignore.

My bedroom furniture is falling apart. The doors are falling off my dresser and my armoire....well, it seems to be imploding. Obviously, it wasn’t an expensive set of furniture and I got 16 years out of it, so I guess I can’t complain.

I was out last night looking for a new bedroom set. For some reason, I’m really drawn to large and dramatic furniture. Unfortunately, my master bedroom is only 11” X 14” and my queen sized bed takes up a good chunk of the space.

I found some things that I liked, but wanted to think, measure again, etc. before buying anything and I’m glad that I did!

The hubby and I were talking about different furniture options I saw when we decided to play a game of Scrabble. Plopping ourselves down on the family room floor surrounded by four teenagers texting, talking on the phone, playing video games and just doing some general teenaged moaning and questioning my spelling (I guess they weren’t paying attention to my “mom won the 5th grade spelling bee” story), we both had an epiphany.

We need our own space more than we need furniture that pretty much just holds our socks, underwear and unmentionables.

Forget Scrabble. We went upstairs and measured, plotted and bounced around some ideas. We are going to turn our bedroom into a hideaway retreat...our own escape!

I know the sleep experts say you shouldn’t use your bedroom for anything but sleeping and sex. Too bad. Whoever did that study certainly didn’t live with four teenagers.

I’m going to venture into the wild side and use my bedroom for sleep, sex and future Scrabble games. The only side effect I can think of is having dreams of dirty words spelled out with Scrabble tiles. If that’s the price of peace and our own space, I can live with that.

The first project in my bedroom makeover will be the closets. With some good organization, I will have no need for bedroom furniture other than the bed itself.
Then I’m going to use my remaining space in the room to make a small sitting area. I’m thinking super comfy loveseat, one of those ottoman/coffee table things, and of course...high definition TV!

I’ll even have room for a small corner desk where I can write, design, Photoshop and play online poker in peace!

If only there was enough space for a hot tub! Probably a good thing there isn’t room. I might not ever come out.


JAM said...

In 2007, Lovely Wife and I bought a bunch of new furniture for our home. After 23 year of marriage, we were still using a lot of hand-me-down stuff from people who gave it to us when we got married.

We tried measuring, but still ended up with a dining table and chairs a bit too large for the space.

We bought a king sized bed which is one of the best purchases we've ever made, and the new bedroom furniture is a pretty mission style set. We love it.

Lovely Wife keeps remarking how the top of her new dresser would be the perfect place for a high def TV. She would much rather have electronics than jewelry and diamonds.

My only place for myself is my "man corner" in our master bedroom. Some guys get a whole man room, but our house is pretty small.

That sleep number bed was worth every penny too. But it was lots, and lots, and lots of pennies.

Good luck with the furniture search!

Jessica Morris said...

Have you ever checked out ?? you should :) I am so in love with it - I check it MANY times a day for any updates, and I've gotten some amazing deals on it. I was actually thinking today that I should blog about craigslist because I have a serious love affair with it. You can find a wide range of furniture prices and selections (from full room sets, to just individual pieces) from well loved to brand new.
Sounds like a fun project!
You need before and after pics!:)

Damien Riley said...

Oh yes, Craigslist is the bomb. Sarah is filling out loan stuff so she ignored me when I explained the chicken scrabble cartoon. I thought it was so hilarious!

D-Ray said...

OK...I feel dumb. Maybe it's because it's not even 5:30AM yet, but I SO did not catch on that the chicken picture was scrabble!

Sounds like you've got it all figure out! Right now we've got an old TV sitting on a hand-me-down dresser. When we bought our HD for the living room I thought "ooooh, we should get one for the bedroom so we can hang it on the wall so it's easier to see" because our bedroom is croweded too and the tv is BESIDE the bed instead of at the foot of it.

Have fun with that!

Anonymous said...

I request before and after pics too!! That sounds like a FANTASTIC idea! You guys deserve to run from the punks! ;-)

Anonymous said...

ok... that didn't come out right.

you deserve to have a place to run from the punks! That better?

i'm leaving now. haha

Shannon said...

Fabulous idea! I love it!

Fourier Analyst said...

Catching up on your blog today!!

What a great idea for your bedroom! And who says Scrabble isn't foreplay!!

too bad about the hot tub though!

julia said...

What a great idea. Your rearranged closet can definitely give you the room you need for your runaway space. Whole families used to eat, work and sleep in one room - I think you can chill out, have sex and sleep in your sanity salvation room.

Crystal said...

Wait... you're supposed to have sex in the bedroom?

Crystal said...

Hey, I tagged you!