Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Karma Chameleon

You come and go. Good and bad. Yin and Yang.

Right now, it’s more go, bad and Yin. I think it’s Yin, I can never remember which one is which.

My hubby hurt his back!
Middle Daughter re-twisted her sprained ankle!
My son hurt his knee yesterday in wrestling. It looks pretty nasty!
Little Daughter is in bed with a migraine!
My Bon Jovi amigos can’t go to Tuesday’s concert with me!
Last night I discovered my entire tank of angel fish were dead!


If all that’s not bad enough, it’s freaking below zero outside again! I’m wondering where grown people go when they run away? Vegas? Bahamas? It would have to be somewhere warm, that’s for sure.

Other than in the online poker tournament I played in last night and finished in the moolah, my luck seems to be drawing the short end of the stick lately. My hubby, JW, insists it’s a curse on the family name and that when I married into it, it became mine, too. Like an inheritance. I’m beginning to wonder.

Could my surname/karma be cursed or did I do something really bad?

I think this week's avalanche has to do with the cat I almost adopted on Sunday.

Almost. I didn’t and that's when my karma took a turn for the worst.

I was in the pet store buying doggie and fishie food and a man who operates an animal rescue was there hoping to get these animals adopted. He’s there every weekend with a variety of animals and he’s a really nice guy.

I always stop and play with all the dogs he has and wish I had a gazillion dollars to buy a big enough farm for all of these lost animals to roam around and play.

Despite being JessiCat, I have to say, I’m way more of a dog person than a cat person.

He had eight cats that he had rescued from some place in Tennessee after they were removed from their owner’s house because he was using them for his shotgun target practice.

WHAT? Good Lord. I swear, people are insane!

There was one gray cat that kept looking at me. He had the sweetest "put me in your car and take me home" eyes. I reached in to pet him and he just melted against my touch and started purring. Awwww. He was so soft and when the rescue guy told me he still had shotgun pellets in him and would probably need more medical treatment than he had received to date, I didn’t think I could leave without him.

But I did.

I was selfish because I was tired and decided there was just no way I could add a pellet loaded cat to my already seemingly around the clock schedule.

I went home without him and while I cleaned my fish tanks (and obviously contaminated my angels with something-no idea what!), I told JW about the cat.

JW knows that when I get a bug up my butt about an animal, it’s coming home with me. He was shocked that I left it there in the first place.

So, I went back to the store to adopt the cat, but the rescue man had already packed up and left.

Since then, it’s been a landslide of bad karma for me. I guess it’s not only black cats, it’s gray cats, too. I’m sure this is why I’m more of a dog person. They are easier to read :)

I will go back this weekend and if the cat’s still there, the grey pellet loaded cat with the will be joining my family.

Come on, Karma! Enough of the black and gray.

You're supposed to be red, gold and green! Red, Gold and Gree-ee-ee-eeen!


Di said...

Promise me that if you play Full Tilt Poker and you ever run into my husband (GatorHSN), you will say something to him that will really freak you out. Like:

Hey, I read about you on your wife's blog.

I love men with male pattern baldness.

You get the idea...there's nothing you can't say. You have my permission. That would be SO funny.

The Rock Chick said...

di: that would be hysterical!!! Unfortunately, I don't play at Full Tilt, only on Ultimate Bet, where I am known as Mrs JW!

JAM said...

Sorry to hear about your personal rain cloud following you around. I can relate, life sure gets...discouraging at times.

I hear you about the rescued cats (and dogs). As I have gotten older, I have gotten more soft about animals like that.

I hated all the people's lives torn up over natural disasters over the years, but reading and hearing about the animals abandoned or lost in tornadoes or hurricanes or whatever, actually upsets me more than the people's lives that were messed up.

I feel that people can understand, and eventually make a new life, but the abandoned or missing animals don't have help a lot of the time and many have such sad stories and the animals have no way of understanding or starting over.

It just rips my heart up, more than many other things that I probably should be upset over.

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