Monday, November 5, 2007

Left, Right, Left

This was a busy weekend! The kids had non-stop schedules with work, cheerleading tryouts, Coffee House performances and Middle Daughter appeared both weekend evenings in the high school’s V-Show.

V-Show is a variety show featuring pretty much all of the schools different groups and clubs and well as individual acts. Middle Daughter played the bass in “Pick Up The Pieces” with her Jazz Band. They were dressed in all black with funky ties and black shades and she totally rocked, of course. How could she not with her mother being The Rock Chick and all, right?

We can buy a DVD copy of the performance so I’ll post her act when I have it.

All I can say is thank goodness they taped it because sitting behind me-stage left- during the V-Show were the rudest people I’ve encountered in a long while. Unless it was a dancing act, they talked. Loudly.

Should we go to Wendy’s or Burger King when this is over?
I’m sick of those places, how about Taco Bell?
I’m sick of you and it’s my car.

It never ended. I gave them my best evil eye a couple of times to no avail.

My neighbor had several solos throughout the variety show. He has a fabulous voice and during his performance of “Cuando Cuando Cuando” the yappers behind me really picked up speed.

This is so stupid.
I’m bored. Let’s call Jimmy and see what he’s doing.
I’m starving. Can we please go to Wendy’s after this?

I was suddenly reminded why I despise going to movie theaters.


That’s when I made my mistake. I was polite. I asked them to please stop talking because my neighbor was singing and I would really like to hear it without the background whining. The girl directly behind me stared at me for a second and then said “I don’t give a f*”.

In hindsight, it’s clear that I should have just knocked them unconscious with a good left hook. There’s not much left to say after something like that. I didn't, though, I turned around and figured if I left them alone, they'd stop.

Wrong again. They didn’t and then proceeded to kick the back of my chair. Idiots.

Finally seeing an usher walk the aisles, I asked if we could have new seats. The only seats available we in the balcony so we moved up there and while it was farther away, I was left with a better view of the entire stage and the sound was much more stable. From now on, I’m sitting there.

I also surprised the hubby with something he’s been drooling over for quite a while. A Palm Treo. He really needed something like that for work and I would have gotten it for him earlier, but his work kept teasing him that they were going to give him one. We should have known better.

Anyway, It’s like a phone and a mini computer all in one. The hubby is a gadget guy and toys like that make him happy. Watching him use it, I thought it was very cool!

He thought I should get myself one so I can partake in this mobile blogging craze. So I thought, hey I work hard, too, maybe I should!

It was too late to go that evening so we decided we’d go the next day and get one for me. I decided to give his a whirl and discovered that trying to operate the mini screen with the stylus is impossible being left handed. My hand completely covers the screen. Since I can’t see where I am, I can’t tell where to move the stylus. That’s just not right!

I don’t know if they make these gadgets for lefties so until I find out, I’m definitely going to be left behind on this gadget phase.


Karina said...

Hmmm...I never thought about the left handed issue with something like a Treo...and I'm a lefty. Something else to add to the list of things that are made without regard for us lefties! We always get shafted! haha

I admire your self control for not knocking out those obnoxious people!

Vixen said...

Punch. Or kick them back. You are so well behaved.

FRIGGA said...

Yup, talkers annoy me too. The last time I tried going to a movie there was a group of giggly tweenie girls. Finally I told them, "You didn't have to pay $10 a pop to sit here and giggle, you could've done that for practically free at the Rubios across the way." To which they apologized to me and shut up. For about 5 minutes. Finally I left, of course asking for my money back first ;-)

Kendra said...

i can't believe those girls said that to you. wait! actually i can! kids these days!!!!!!

Malcolm: said...

I understand why you didn't, but if you had decided to release the wrath of "Jessicat" on those idiots sitting behind you it would have been justified.

Crystal said...

Oh wow, that is beyond rude. You were much nicer than I would have been.

Sorry about the Treo. Hmm. I know. You should sue the Palm Treo people for left handed discrimination! Yeah, that. ;o)

Ya know what's sad, is you'd probably win. lol

Sarah said...

I never cease to be amazed by the rudeness of people. Good for you that you managed to politely be relocated. I probably would have been sitting out back right after I got kicked out for popping one of em', lol.

Di said...

iPhone...that's all I have to say.