Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Get A Kick Out Of You

Yesterday afternoon my son made his Jr. High Soccer debut. He’s been playing soccer for years, but this is the first time he’s playing on a school team, head shots are finally allowed and the team is also co-ed, although most of the players are boys.

This weekend my hubby was sidelined with a terrible virus. Between his body aches, congestion, fever and exhaustion, he really could hardly move. Of course, this is the day that my son tells me he needs to get a new cup for soccer and he wants me to take him.

What do I know about athletic supporters? Absolutely nothing! I’m not athletic and there is pretty much nothing on me that needs any kind of support. Not my department, know what I’m saying?

A few years back, my son tried to climb a six foot privacy fence. He somehow scaled up the one side, but tried to straddle the fence to get down the other side and somehow nailed himself right in the groin and because of the pain, ended up falling the six feet to the ground on the other side of the fence. From that moment on, he’s been very protective of the “beeper”.

We went to the store and I asked the salesman and he gave me a packaged thing. I asked if everything one would need for protection was in the package and he said yes. Easy enough and home we went. Of course, though, everything wasn’t in the package and we had to go back to get an actual cup. Live and learn.

The other team arrived at the field yesterday and to my surprise, most of them were girls. One of the girls was soooo tiny, I couldn’t believe it. She looked to be about the size of an average third grader and her long pigtails flopped from side to side when she ran. She had really skinny legs, too, just like my niece does. My niece looks dainty and delicate but she has a brown belt in one of the martial arts. I can never remember which one. She does some kind of jungle yell and kicks through a stack of boards.

My son played one quarter and after watching him play soccer for years, I could tell he was taking it kind of easy when he was up against this girl. He said he couldn’t play right against her because he was afraid to kick at her and snap her legs or something. I get such a kick out of him! My son is so sweet. I was a little surprised because this little girl was feeling free to use an elbow now and then.

His teammate said something like “Well, that’s her fault for playing soccer with skinny legs, so just play like normal”. Kids. Aren’t they darling? I think my son realized this when, just a few minutes later, his cupless advisor teammate took a sensitive hit from skinny legs like you wouldn’t believe. Knocked him right to the ground.

My son went back out and did great! He ended up with a beautiful assist and they wiped out the other team 3-0 and I got a few great action shots for my scrapbook! My son, of course, is the incredibly handsome one in the blue and gold :)

Today, Little Daughter makes her 8th grade Volleyball debut. She’s a little nervous because last year, her nose was broken at the net with a spiked ball which semi-ended her 7th grade Volleyball career. She’s a toughie, though, so we’ll see how it goes!!


Mom to 5...Daughter of the King said...

I just found your site. I love your profile message. As a mom of 5 (ages 8 and under) I get asked that all the time!! I'll be back to check out further!

Jessica Morris said...

wow! those are great action shots!! i didn't know you scrapbook! i do too :)

katherine. said...

hey! the first time I broke my nose was in volleyball taking a spike at the net. I think it was 10th grade....lots of blood...very dramatic....

soccer is big with my middle one...even in college...

The Rock Chick said...

Hi Mom: Well, you have one more than I do and mine are all a bit older now, but I still get asked that...all the time!!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Jessica: Well, yes and no on the scrapbooking. I make a scrapbook of my best and fave pictures of the year for gifts for the grandparents. Only once a year and only digital...maybe that's not exactly scrapbooking :)

katherine: just like Little Daughter! Yes, she had lots of blood and drama, too. Hopefully, that won't happen again :)

Kendra said...

one more thing we have in common: scrapbooking! looks like you'll have a busy season trucking your kids around to practice and games, but it's totally worth it, right?!

Vixen said...

Heh, I do the same thing with the grandparents here. Once a year "digital scrapbooking", makes a great Xmas present but not real scrapbooking if I look at others books.

Your son is incredibly handsome.

Crystal said...

So glad you cleared up the whole scrapbooking thing. I have way too many scrapbooking friends! I swear, they're taking over the world...


Congrats to your son for the win!

The Rock Chick said...

kendra: I make a digital scrapbook at the end of the year. I used to make the real ones with all of the papers, pages, cutouts, etc., but I just didn't have the time to make them like that. I love to go to the kids games! It's so much fun!

vixen: yes, my parents LOVE the end of the year books with all the pictures...they see the kids all the time, but they don't get to always see all the extra stuff like soccere, cheerleading, Halloween, etc. And thank you...I think he's incredible handsome, too!

crystal: oh, all my friends have these huge scrapbooking parties and they go to these all day events at the scrapbooking store. I don't do all that. I think I have to change the word I'm using because I don't think scrapbooking is right....I think I make a once a year memory book, hows that?

JAM said...

Lovely Wife sure does miss all the games the girls used to have to go to. Wifey loved every minute of it. Even in the broiling sun. I drew the line at the broiling sun and felt justified in whining and moaning.

The Rock Chick said...

JAM: I love watching the kids play sports, too, although, I'm the opposite of you. I can take the hot broiling sun, but I can't take the cold. I've been to many a soccer game bundled up and shivering...that's where I have to draw the line :)