Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hurts So Good

Yesterday, Little Daughter played her volleyball game! I was a little worried that she’d be nervous to play after the nosebreaking incident last year. She did great and I wish my photography skills matched her spiking skills.

I’m not a photographer and I’m sort of at the mercy of my camera. Outside for soccer, softball and cheerleading shots, I can get some great pictures. Inside, for volleyball games and band concerts with fluorescent gym lighting, I end up with yellow, blurry pictures. One day I will figure out exactly how to correct this. It drives me crazy. but I did get these two!

All four of my kids are definitely athletes, which amazes me because I am so not athletic. At all. Not even a little bit.

The volleyball team has a parent’s night one evening a year where the parents compete against the girls’ volleyball team. I tried to play once, but I tend to duck and shriek when things are flying at me. It’s just not instinctive for me to want to strike back and bounce that flying object back over a net. I did manage to hit it back over one time and my wrists actually stung. I’m a baby, I know.

I’m a sports dork. I can’t play, don’t really know the rules to any of these games and I just don’t think it’s fun enough to risk the pain involved with sports injuries. The kids think it’s totally worth it. My oldest prides herself on the number of paintball welts she gets during a game. That must be what “Hurts So Good” means....

We’ve had plenty of injuries over the years, too. Just last year alone, Oldest Daughter got hit in the eye with a badminton racquet and it completely opened up her eye brow. A plastic surgeon sewed it up beautifully and you can hardly see it... but still. Middle Daughter suffered a broken wrist and a torn ligament in a cheerleading stunt gone bad. Little Daughter had her nose broken at the net with a spiked ball. My son, well, sportswise, he’s been pretty lucky so far, but he does have that Y-chromosome, testosterone induced “Penis Gene” thing to deal with. Most of his injuries are self-induced from doing his own stunt work.

Yet, my kids heal up and go right back to these things. They must all have inherited that fearless cop gene from their father because they certainly didn’t get it from me!


julia said...

LOL! I was the asthmatic kid that played whatever sport it was for one minute before the wheezing took over. I spent most of gym sitting on the bench.

Don't know what I would have been like if I'd had puffers to get me past that. Writing suits me WAY better.

Vixen said...

Hmmm, I posted a comment yesterday...and it is not here. Was it eaten by the spam monster? Most of what I say can be considered spam, lol

Qtpies7 said...

I totally scream and run from flying balls. I am a magnet for them. Even standing behind a partition from my kids' dodgeball game the ball bounced off the back wall, missed 4 people and flew right into my stomach.
Oh, yes it did.
I have 4 brothers, I am well acquainted with the potency of the magnet inside of me for sports balls.

JAM said...

I was just talking to someone at work today and we were talking about childhood stunts and injuries and marveling at how we were able to survive until adulthood.

Of course, middle age sets in and things start hurting on their own, but still, we're alive. Sort of.

The Rock Chick said...

Julia...just like me! Not the asthma part, but I'd take reading and writing over volleyball any day!

vixen: spam, you? no way!! You are one of my favorite commenters :) I dont know what happened to your earlier post. It must have vanished before I even saw it, sorry :(

qtpies: I'm not a flying object magnet, but I am a weirdo magnet. I didn't even realize there were different magnet categories! LOL

JAM: my son is the stuntmaster! That kid can hurt himself with anything, I swear!! Ahhhh, a few bumps, bruises, broken bones only makes you stronger, right?

ONwebCHECK said...

I really like that sport - btw... they call me the wall :)I like the fight at the net

Jessica Morris said...

lol... sports dork - that is SO me too!!
I like the outdoorsy canoeing, rafting, hiking stuff - so long as there is someone 'bigger' there to be carrying the backpack or canoe or whatever! :)

Malcolm: said...

The Rock Chick a sports dork... say it ain't so?!

Your comments about your son made me think back to my younger days. There was a playground across the street from the 1st house where I grew up. There was a rocket swing set and what we would do is have one kid swinging, while another kid was on the front of the swing facing the other kid. When the swing reached its highest peak, the kid on the front would jump off backwards. We also used to set up our own ramps (a piece of wood on a concrete block) and do stunts with our bikes. Ah, the good ole days!

Damien Riley said...

Glad to see you encourage and enable your kids to play sports. Sports taught me tons about work and life.

Crystal said...

I'm a squealing dodger too. I mean, who invents these games anyway? Hitting, spiking, tackling, sliding, kicking? No, no, no, that's ok. Give me a guitar or a torch, stay 5 feet away from me at all times, and we'll be juuuust fine.

Did your daughter's team win?