Sunday, July 29, 2007

Q and A #12 (Blogathon 76)


Shelly demands to know...Give it up, were you a cheerleader in high school?

My answer is....No, I wasn’t. It’s not that I didn’t have school spirit or didn’t want to because I really did want to be on the pom-pon squad. I would have totally kicked ass as a pom-pon girl!

There just wasn’t enough time to rehearse and perform with the school’s regular choir, swing choir, a cappella group, star in the musicals and be a pom-pon girl.
I was forced to choose between the second sopranos and the kickline and I went with the music, which was a good decision. You can be a 41 year old rock chick, but after 25 or so, that whole cheerleader thing just isn’t that cute anymore.

But, you were right that the cheerleader thing is in my somewhere since all three of my daughters are cheerleaders. They had to have inherited that from me. I'm pretty sure they did, anyway. I just can't see the hubby carrying around a set of pom pons!

COMING UP NEXT: I check out just how close I am to being an A List Blogebrity!

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