Sunday, July 29, 2007

Know When To Fold 'Em? Rock Chick Update (Blogathon 75)

It’s 4 AM and there’s only 4 hours to go! It seems like a lot right now because there’s little, if any, interaction on the posts but since I made it this far, I might as well be able to say I made it the whole way, don’t you think?

That little quiz I took earlier said I had an 80% chance of making it all the way through the full 24 hours.

That 20% is the part that’s talking to me now, that’s for sure, and there's still 375 blogs up and running!

I visited a few of them and one has kind of a cool contest where you have to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar. It’s been going back and forth for hours now and it’s been narrowed down to between 30 numbers or so, so someone will win soon! I just realized I don’t even know what you win! Oh my. I must be tired! Seriously, because I like to win!

I had a good jump on some posts, so I played two $5.00 online poker games. Came in 1st on one and second on the other and came out $30.00 ahead. Something tells me that I probably should be playing poker for charity instead of blogging for 24 hours straight, but this certainly has been an experience!

I love to play poker, especially at low stakes. First of all, I’m much better than most of the players at that level and secondly, I am really not a gambler. Depending on my poker account balance, sometimes I go for a $10.00 game on occasion, but what I really like to play in are large tournaments with hundreds of people because if you win, you can win a lot without risking a whole lot of money.

If this blogathon is like poker, I don’t think I should fold just yet! We’ll have to see what kind of hands I’m dealt over the next few hours.

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COMING UP NEXT: The Rock Chick takes another question!


Paul said...

Hey! hang in there!! you're almost done!! =)

just up for a middle of the night feeding :)

(and for all reading this is JESSICA not Paul!!)

The Rock Chick said...

I know! I can't believe I've made it this far! This last hour has seemed longer than the entire day!

Maybe when the world wakes back up all will be good again :)

Thanks for checking in!