Friday, June 22, 2007

I Am A Rock

Chick, that is!!!

I recently received not one, but TWO “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” awards from two bloggers that I think are totally rockin’ chicks, too. I can't tell you how flattered by this I am.

The first came from Starrlight and she said:
“The Rock Chick - This was a no brainer. She is funny and has the best use of a Queen quote as it pertains to Paris Hilton!"

The second came from my friend, Shelly, over at This Eclectic Life and she said:
“Jessica the Rock Chick (well of course she would rock) at Life is Rantastic. This woman has the most wickedly wonderful sense of humor I’ve encountered, and has a mind as sharp as steel. I don’t go visit her without falling on the floor laughing as she turns the world on its ear.”

And, if those weren’t enough of an ego boost, I also won a $10.00 iTunes gift card in JennyMcB’s limerick contest, which of course I am going to use to get Bon Jovi’s new album :) woo hoo!!!

I’m supposed to give 5 bloggers for the “Rockin’ Girl Blogger” Award. Well, I see that most of the girls I would nominate have already been nominated and you know, I’m all about equality. I’ve also created a blue button for the boy bloggers that I think totally rock, too!

Here’s the “boy” button!

My nominees are:
Jessica Morris at Life As I See It. Jessica, besides being my namesake is just a down to earth person with a little bit of a naughty sense of humor that I completely admire. She is an excellent photographer and treats us all to pictures of her life, as she sees it.

Crystal at The Song of My Soul is a jewelry designer and makes truly fabulous, unique and affordable pieces. I love the way she works with copper. She also has a terrific personality and writes great posts about various things happening with her...happy and sad.

Kendra at Tales of a Former Michigander. She is straightforward, funny as heck and hey, nobody can write about reusable feminine products found on ebay like she can.

Damien Riley over at Riley Central. Damien is a teacher, writer and musician and has an incredibly positive outlook on life. His posts are encouraging and informative and there is just a lot of good stuff to check out on his blog.

Michael C at The Wonderful World of Nothing Worthwhile writes with one of the most creative senses of humor I’ve come across. I happen to be a huge fan of sarcasm (even if it is a sign of a personality disorder) and Michael C never disappoints!!


Damien Riley said...

HEY! Thanks for the nomination. That is a very cool thing! To be nominated by "THE" rock chick herself is sorta like being invited backstage!!!

AndreAnna said...


Came across your post through Michael C and have spent some time catching up on some of your posts. You crack me up!!

Michael C said...

Thanks so much! But wait a minute...I have a personality disorder because I use sarcasm?

Uh-Oh. I knew I was afflicted with something because I crave cheese and want to trade my truck in for a restaurant sized commercial food fryer, but now I have a personality disorder, too?

My nomination has become so bittersweet now.

This Eclectic Life said...

I went and wrote mine quickly hoping to beat anyone else to nominating you...but I guess it was obvious...and well deserved. Love the boy button. I thought of it, but didn't follow through. I'm pond scum, and slow, and that's why you rock twice as much as I do!

Crystal said...

Hey, thanks Ashl... umm, err, I mean Jessica. ;o)

I feel so honored. :)

Starrlight said...

You are so kind! I made the guys I read dress in drag for the girl button :P

Jessica Morris said...

Thanks Jessica!! =)

Kendra said...

thanks woman! i'm honored! and flattered! and excited!

katherine. said...

hey...great site. Can I use your Rocking Boy button? I promise to give you full credit! smile