Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Got Back

and neck and shoulder PAIN. And, a seat belt bruise. Oh, and a headache, too!

So much for getting my insomnia back. Muscle relaxers and pain killers make you sleepy.

Thursday night Middle Daughter and I were driving on the highway. I was driving and she was my official co-pilot, in charge of the iPod. It was rush hour and there was a lot of traffic.

We had been almost at a complete stop for a second waiting for a traffic jam to clear. I had just taken my foot off the brake to start moving forward when -Womp Bop A Looma-we got rear ended. This was no little love tap, either. In my 25 years of driving, I have never been hit that hard. I was thrown forward and I remember making contact with the steering wheel before being yanked back by the seat belt.

I know I instinctively hit the brake sometime before Middle Daughter hit the dashboard. I’m very concerned about the seat belts, though. The actual accident is a bit of a blur to me but I have the impression that I activated the seat belts with the brake. I would have thought would lock on their own. Maybe they did and I’m just confused. Not sure.

Anyway, I knew my daughter and I were both hurt immediately. Within the two seconds it took to mentally acknowledge what had happened, I already had a terrible headache and my neck and shoulders were already so stiff I could hardly move. Middle Daughter was freaked out and crying that her head and neck and back hurt. She is not a whiner and if she was complaining of pain, she had to be in quite a bit.

We pulled over to the shoulder and I was surprised to see a third vehicle pulling over, too. It turns out that there was actually a fourth vehicle who actually was the cause of the chain accident, but he took off. Hit and Run. What kind of a fool, jerk, ass causes a four car accident and takes off like that? I’m thinking no insurance...drunk...stolen car...suspended license...wanted? Has to be something.

The driver of the car who hit me was a doctor and she took one look at Middle Daughter and I and immediately called an ambulance. I did hear they got a description of the hit and run vehicle, but I didn’t get it because we were in the ambulance. I’m hoping they find him.

Physics was never my best subject, but I was surprised to see that there was no where near the amount of damage to the other cars as there was to my car and nobody in the other cars was hurt at all, either. The paramedic told me the accident looked like “Newton’s Cradle” (the toy in the picture I posted) where all of the momentum of the accident went from the hit and run car, through the other vehicles seemingly unfazed and then blasted out into my car, Middle Daughter and me.

We’re both still hurting, but it does seem a little better than yesterday and the shop where my car is said they will have the necessary parts in on Monday to start repairs.

Hopefully, Middle Daughter, the car and I will all feel better by then :)


Jessica Morris said...

WOW!! I am SO glad you are safe!! What a jerk to just drive off...

I am up north now, and my parents only have dial up, so I am currently sitting in my car in some random neighborhood using someones unlocked wireless!!

Hope the car is fixed soon and that your pains all go away soon!!

Damien Riley said...

Take care of you and yours . . . sounds serious! So sorry you got hit.

The Gal Herself said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you and I hope both you and your daughter are OK. Must have been terrifying. BUT I've gotta tell you, that's one clever and witty photo you chose to illustrate this. I guess it's the mark of a true Rock Chick that you can blog so well when you're hurt!

Crystal said...

Jessica!! Oh my goodness, I'm glad you and your daughter are okay.

My husband was the victim of a not quite hit and run, but I guess a swerve and run. Someone was very quickly moving into his lane and he had to swerve out of the way to avoid getting hit badly. It was rainy and he lost control of the car and it completely spun around 90 degrees and the back of it hit the concrete barrier. It was totaled and the wheel thing started to catch on fire, but he was ok. Stupid jerk that caused it didn't even slow down.

Man, car wrecks scare me.

Crystal said...

I'm a dork. I meant 180, not 90. *rolls eyes*

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are in pain.

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Leanne said...

OUCH! That's just a nightmare come true, is what it is. I'm sorry you guys are in pain, and I hope they catch that ^&*(% who caused it all. Thank God there was a doctor around, too.

Michael C said...

I'm glad you're feeling better today. Sorry that happened and hopefully they get the hit and run guy. That the person kept on going in unbelievable to me. What has happened to this world??

Hope you feel better!!

This Eclectic Life said...

Wow! That's so frightening when stuff like that happens. I'm so glad it wasn't worse! Did the airbags not go off? Actually, the airbags can hurt you as badly as the dashboard, I'm told. I hope you continue to feel better, girl. Dang, let's have some good luck for a change...OK?

Vickie said...

I just recently found your blog from other links and am enjoying my visits here.

What an experience--actually a nightmare. I'm glad to see things were not worse.

On a side note---I'll just say TEL is right sometimes airbags do hurt---I actually did not meet the dashboard or but instead got broken ribs and a collapsed lung from an airbag.

Hope you continue to improve.

Also congratulations on your BOTDA.

Kendra said...

glad it wasn't more serious than that, not that that isn't bad. it could have been worse though! hope you're feeling back to normal soon!!

Sara said...

Hope you are both feeling better really soon . . . sending get better vibes your way!

Lady G~ said...

Sorry to hear that you and Middle Daughter were involved in a car accident. Hope you both are feeling better. Car accidents can traumatize anyone. Can't believe, no wait a minute, I can believe the culprit took off. Hope they find whoever it was.

I've not been on lately due to... baseball/softball. I seem to have little or no time lately. I miss checking out my favorite blogs (yours included) and blogging. As soon as things slow down, I'll be back in full force, with lots to share.

You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers...