Sunday, March 4, 2007

If You Like Pina Coladas....


I found this in the classified section in between the fortune tellers and the mail-order bride categories.

Being somewhat of the entrepreneurial type myself, I put my hands together to those who work hard and genuinely offer a product or service to the public. I do, however, have another hand gesture available for people whose main line of business is to rip other people off.

Because this is so dumb, I, The Rock Chick, am going to put him out of business. You don’t even have to pay me $4.00 or the additional $3.00 to “rush you” the information. I'm going to tell you right now, right here, completely free of charge. It’s my gift back to the hardworking community. (If, by any chance, you’ve already sent away for this valuable tidbit, well, then you are on your own, I guess.)

Ok, here it is. Even without doing any kind of study, I’m positive I can replicate the same “proven results”.

If you want to avoid a DWI/DUI......DO NOT DRIVE IF YOU’VE BEEN DRINKING. Works every single time, I swear!


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Steph said...

It amazes me people will spend so many hours thinking up ways to rip people off. I am forever boggled by the caliber of person it must take to come up with these schemes.

On the other side of the coin, sadly there is someone out there who's fried enough brain cells they'll actually send the money for this so they can go out and kill a child or a family. Worse yet, they'll be charged with "vehicular manslaughter" and spend little to no time in jail and probably as soon as they're bonded they'll be right back at the bar with his "proven method" in their pocket.