Monday, March 5, 2007

"The Lost Tomb of Jesus"

Here we go again. Last summer I read the oh-so-controversial “The DaVinci Code” in order to see what all the hoopla was about. I will be honest. I found the book fascinating on perhaps a historical level. Did it shake my faith in Christianity? No, not even a little bit. Frankly, after I read the book, I was even more confused as to that exactly the fuss was about. I know that sometimes my thought processes don’t exactly coincide with conventional thinking or beliefs so I decided to do what I do best...investigate. I read everything I could get my hands on and I attended lectures and debates on the topic and honestly, I still don’t get it.

The big claim in the “DaVinci Code” is that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and they had a child. Truth be told (and I know it’s contrary to my Catholic upbringing), I have always thought this. I never really bought into the “Mary Magdalene was a whore” story like I was taught in CCD many years ago. The fact that it was Mary Magdalene at the base of the cross and it was she who He appeared to are really more than enough evidence to me that Mary Magdalene was by far the most important person in Jesus’ mortal life. That person, to an adult, is usually their spouse. Hopefully, anyway, but that’s another topic.

To this day, if you want to destroy the reputation of a woman, label her a whore. Mary Magdalene being labeled a “whore” (now generally accepted as incorrect), in my mind, only adds credence to the fact that there was a possibility she was his wife and for whatever reason I don’t seem to understand, this just wouldn’t be acceptable.

I just don’t see how it negates his divinity if Jesus lived as a mortal man in a physical body with a job, a wife and children. I haven’t yet been able to find my answer to this question.

Now we have a new docudrama about “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”, which to me was equally, if not more so, as fascinating as the “DaVinci Code” book. Basically, a tomb was found with ten ossuaries with names on them such as Jesus, Son of Joseph, Maria (Mary), Joseph, Mariamne (Mary Magdalene), Judah, Son of Jesus and Yose, among some other names that are associated in a familial way with Jesus Christ. Based on the names alone, a mathematician states it would be very unlikely that these 10 names would be duplicated in any other tomb. Because Mary Magdalene is supposedly in the tomb and there is a child’s ossuary marked Judah, Son of Jesus, the implications again are being made that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a child. It definitely appeared that there were some leaps and assumptions made in this documentary with mitochondrial DNA evidence and interpretation of the names on the ossuaries. I am going to get the book today and research a few topics to see if it provides some information that perhaps was left out of the film. There is also a lot of information at "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" website.

Based on what I did see last night, though, right now I would say that it is possible that they may have found “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”. Historically, this is quite fascinating to me. It does not shake my faith one bit.

Did anyone else watch “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” last night? I would love to hear everyone's opinions (yes, even those that think I am completely wrong!) Sometimes you find the answers you are looking for in people who don't necessarily agree with you.


Chris Rosebrough said...

Before you make up your mind on the “Lost Tomb of Jesus” you need to see and hear the rest of the evidence.

For a comprehensive and scholarly rebuttal of the film’s evidence please visit

Read and hear the evidence for yourself.

Steph said...

I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code on a purely fictional, entertainment value, basis. It didn't shake my faith either. As a matter of fact in the last 6 months I have been renewing my faith, so obviously the book didn't have dire consequences with me (and I've seen the movie as well). I've also read his other books and look forward to the next movie and his next book. I find his books very entertaining.

I am not Catholic and don't even begin to understand the faith, but I wonder if the Catholic church wasn't trying to draw attention away from some other "accusations" in his books by focusing on the Mary Magdalene part of it. In all of his books the Catholic church has come off as quite secretive, quite wealthy, and quite corrupt.

Again, I didn't put a huge amount of faith in it as being anything other than a fictional story written for entertainment value, but when someone's screaming the loudest it's often that person trying to hide something else.

Just my thoughts... :o)

Lady G~ said...

I don't look at these books as "history" books. To me they are fictional. Pure entertainment. That's the way I saw the movie too.

I think the hoopla was that someone that doesn't take the time to research and find out might just fall for this hook line and sinker. So believers wanted people to know, "hey this is just a movie". It's not fact. Do the research and find out the truths for yourselves.

I was raised Catholic. Well, non practicing Catholic. I did all the CCD stuff, church on Ash Wenesday, Good Friday, Easter, Christmas and all that. The priest that married my Knight and I kinda of turned me away from church. That was 25 years ago. I am now a Christian that happens to attend a baptist church.

Kuanyin said...

I did watch the Tomb after DVR'ing of course so I wouldn't have to watch commercials! :-) Since there had been so much fuss and spin in the media about it, I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought the production was very well done! They made a solid case! It was a fascinating documentary, and I don't feel it should conflict with anyone's faith. There certainly is a LOT of information out there these days if one keeps an open mind, investigates, and practices discernment. Great post!

gabriella hewitt said...

I thought the tomb was fascinating. I liked the steps taken to find it. I like the idea that Jesus has a tomb. Mohammed has one in Mecca. Budda has one in Nepal. David had a shrine and temple in Jerusalem. Why not a resting place for Jesus?

I also like that he was human and had a family, wife and kid. I can relate to that rather than a msytical, perfect god-like figure that would be hard to emulate.

I wish the church would stop dissing women. Women keep the church and family together. I bet if all the women in the world said no more b/c we are not whores if we speak our minds or have sex to bring children into the world the church would change its stance real fast. B/c the pews would be empty.

The DaVinci code I thought was stupid. Sorry but it wasn't fascinating or intriguing. Entertaining maybe but fiction is fiction. I don't put much credence into it.

My faith isn't shaken. If anything it is renewed. Giving Jesus a tomb means that he did exist and he did live and die. It gives the bible a boost. Still I can't understand why anyone would be hating the idea. All the other great spiritual leaders have burial sites people visit. I guess theologians will have to debate this one.