Thursday, January 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Episode #1

Thirteen Things about THE ROCK CHICK

I'm taking part in a blogroll called Thursday Thirteen! (It's harder than it seems!) I decided to start with thirteen unusual things about me...

1. My birthday is May 22-which is the LEAST likely day to be born of any other day of the year in the US. Just in case you are wondering, October 5 is the most common birthday with the date of conception being....yes, New Year's Eve..not so surprised, right?

My blood type is AB-. Only 1% of the world's population has this blood type.

3. I am left-handed. Only 8-15% of the people in the world are lefties.

4. My last IQ test was 160. The chances of having this IQ are 1 in 100,000.

5. I have a panic disorder. 1 in 60 people has one.

I also have a phobia. 8% of the world's population has one.

7. My favorite color is orange along with only 5% of people. 30% of the people polled say that orange is their least favorite color.

8. My name, Jessica, is very common now, but it wasn't at all when I was growing up. Everyone always mistakenly called me "Jennifer" and I still answer to that to this day.

9. At 5'9", I am considerably taller than most girls.

Unlike everyone else in the world, I really dislike pasta.

11. I'm not sure this is unusual, but I do admit it....I love reading tabloid magazines!

I have more children than most people I know.

13. Even though I've had more children than most people I know, I still wear the same size clothes I wore back in high school.

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Marcia said...

Number 13 is really unusual! Loved your list.