Monday, January 1, 2007

Mas Tequila?

I'm the J to the E, double S, the I, the E and can't no other lady put 'em down like me!

No I can't. It's a total lie. I have no tolerance to the effects of alcohol. Last night while hubby and a neighbor were watching the Bears game, I played in an online poker tournament against 1,000 other people who apparently were also staying home celebrating. I was doing really well for the first two hours of the tourney when I insanely decided to have a Cuervo Black and Coke. I rarely ever drink, but it was New Year's Eve so I decided to live it up a little. Soon after, I couldn't feel my teeth and didn't notice a flush draw on the board.

Having impaired judgment, I made the mistake of accepting a second Black and Coke which further inhibited my poker skills. I can barely remember how my game finally ended, but I finished well out of the money.

What I do remember making my poor hubby sleep on the floor with me because I thought I was going to die. Not very Jessalicious.

I don't normally make New Year's Resolutions, but this one is mas tequila for me!

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