Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Look What The Cat Dragged In

Elementary School Principal (ESP) was "too busy" to call yesterday morning by the deadline, so she got a visit from me and my Cat Boots. I don't like ESP because you can't voice a valid concern to her without her making a nasty remark. She doesn't like me because she knows if I'm in there yelling about something, I am right.

It all started many years ago when my son wasn't given his medication on time in school. The doses were supposed to be in four hour intervals. They should have just called me. (Did they? No.) They decided the best thing to do would be to give him the medicine 3 1/2 hours late and then tell his teacher (who is a friend of mine) that she is absolutely not to tell me about this mistake. Yeah, ok...sure.

I called the school nurse who lied that my son had his medicine at 11:00, didn't know know what the teacher was talking about and transfered me to ESP. ESP told me that because cheap parents like me won't vote for additional tax referendums for the school, they can't afford this very expensive software that reminds the nurse with a "beep" when a child is supposed to receive medication.

Just because I did vote for the referendum, I put on my Cat Boots and dropped a pad of paper, a pencil and an alarm clock on ESP's desk which caused ESP's jaw to drop into her many chins. Chalk one up for “Old School”.

Anyway, back to the story…..

ESP: "I can't see you now. I'm trying to work here. You'll have to make an appointment."

CAT: "What a coincidence! I would be at work, too, if your staff hadn't allowed my child to ride a school bus with open liquor and maybe an intoxicated driver.”

Her excuse was that a potentially intoxicated bus driver and open alcohol on the bus had never come up before and when people are learning how to handle new situations, you know....they sometimes make mistakes. Maybe....if you're under 18...not when you're 50, principal of an elementary school and the situation is a school bus driver and empty beer bottles.

We argued, but the Cat can't claim a victory yet. Not to worry, I was able to get a in a good scratch. It's only a matter of time 'til the fever hits.

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