Monday, January 29, 2007

Cat Scratch Fever

You know a Halloween costume is good when it earns you a nickname that people still call you many years later. For me, that costume was Catwoman and to this day many people call me JessiCat or just plain old "Cat". I somehow absorbed some of the Catwoman persona through that costume. Without my Catwoman boots, I am fairly passive. All I have to do is put them on and I am able to kick some ass.

In this episode of "JessiCat"......The Cat once again takes on her arch-enemy....The Elementary School Principal. They've dueled before and JessiCat has always emerged from the duel victorious! Can she pull off a three-peat?

It seems that when my youngest kitten went on a Field Trip last Friday, some faculty members noticed empty beer bottles in a bag up by the driver on the school bus. One of them supposedly went as far as to try to smell the bus driver's breath. Elementary School Principal must believe that whatever there is to be learned at The House of Blues and The Rock and Roll McDonald's is worth risking one's safety by getting into a moving vehicle with a possible intoxicated driver. JessiCat and even her alter-ego, The Rock Chick, think that is one of the most asinine things she has ever heard and is waiting for an explanation as to how it was determined that the school bus driver did not drink that beer.

I've politely e-mailed them asking for an explanation. They have until 10:00 am to answer me or they are going to be getting a visit from me and my high-heeled black boots Meow!

Stay Tuned.

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Izabella said...

I just happened to stumble upon your blog~ happy I did...nice reading...I like all of your "13 things" ~Izabella