Monday, January 15, 2007

Livin' On A Prayer

Forget about it not being over 'til the fat lady sings. It ain't over til the skinny kid kicks a 49 yard field goal! GO BEARS!

To be honest, I don't completely understand football. I can tell when they make a touch down, field goal and drop a ball that I think somebody was supposed to catch. The rest of it to me is just a confusing mess of padded people knocking each other over and phrases that have no meaning to me at all like 3rd down and short. I have no idea what that means. Half the time, I can't even tell where the ball is. But, I still watch because the hubby likes it and because that's where the chicken wings were.

I don't know how the pro players do it. In the last Bears game I watched, the crowd was booing Grossman off the field. Yesterday, he made a pass in the beginning of the game and he's like a superhero to the crowd. I had to take a nap after the game yesterday. The up and down moods of the people we had over just exhausted me, and I was very relieved that they won.

My intuition tells me they will win next week, too. The "luck" vibes of the world are changing.

I usually do pretty good at online poker while my hubby continuously has been the unluckiest online poker player I have ever seen. Unlucky to the point that even I was getting suspicious that the games could be rigged. He typically hits nothing (ever) and if he tries to bluff, the guy who just checked is holding like four of a kind or something. Saturday night, we were playing poker online and while I succumbed to two of the worst bad beats I had ever experienced in my life in one game, the hubby somehow made it to the final table. He soon found himself heads up and all-in with 360 chips against the leaders 14,640. (Talk about living on a prayer). One beautiful hand after another led to several double ups and he ended up winning! Last night he ended up in the money on four sit and go's in a row, twice in first place. I was out early in every game I played yesterday.

Yes, the luck vibes of the world are definitely shifting. The Bears are who you think they are. I predict that Chicago will be dancing the Superbowl Shuffle once again. We'll make it, I swear.

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