Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dirty Deeds (Thursday Thirteen #2)

One of my new favorite TV shows is "Dirt" on FX. Courteney Cox stars as the editor of a tabloid magazine that stops at nothing to get the pictures and the stories. There's sex, violence, swearing, jealousy, backstabbing and scandals...what's not to like?

I admit that I am a fan of the tabloid magazines. Since today is Thursday Thirteen, here's why:

Thirteen Things I love about TABLOID MAGAZINES

1. They are proof that all the money in the world doesn't buy class.
2. You don't have to read them from front to back. You can open them up anywhere, put them down and pick them up again and it doesn't really matter.
3. I really like dressing up. Unfortunately, I have nowhere to wear a Vera Wang gown, nor would I even know where to buy one or could I afford one if I did. This way, at least I still get to see them.
4. Maybe the celebrities themselves aren't all that interesting, but their lifestyles certainly are. They are like a living, breathing soap opera. They travel, they wine and dine with other celebrities and they have homes that I could only dream about.
5. I admit it---sometimes I do like to see the pictures of the stars not at their best. Especially if I'm having a bad hair day myself.
6. I enjoy seeing who it is they are speculating is pregnant (that is not) this week because of the way they are carrying their purse.
7. I love the over-dramatic way the stories are told. Cocaine nightmares, pregnancy dramas...I'm wondering if any celebrity has ever given birth without coming close to dying.
8. How else am I going to find out who fathered Anna Nicole Smith's baby?
9. I like doing crossword puzzles that I can actually finish. There's one there every week.
10. I love when doctor's (who, of course, have not treated the celebrities) comment on what procedures they may or may not have done.
11. Every week I check and see who looks like they got stung in the lips by a bee. (why does anyone think that's attractive?)
12. When you're done reading them, you can pass them on to friends and family who "would never buy them". Of course not, they just steal mine every week.
13. You can take them into a bubble bath with you and it doesn't really matter if they get wet.

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Marcia said...

I don't read them, but your list made a good case for them.