Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bang, Bang? nope....Bump, Bump!

Yeah, ok, that picture is not me...not quite yet, anyway :) Yesterday I had my first long-awaited belly dancing lesson. I had been working with my Belly Dancing DVD the past few weeks and I couldn't really get any of the moves to work. One hour in class with a really talented teacher and now... my whole shack shimmies! Woo Hoo! Turns out, too, that I'm a natural at the Bump Step. Who would have guessed?

The teacher demonstrated the dance we will be working on in this session. It combined all of the basic moves we began learning in class yesterday with a veil. I can't wait to learn it! It was beautiful and sensual. Not sexual. In fact, we were told if our ambition is to feed grapes to people or become strippers, this wasn't the class we were looking for and we should leave. I didn't. While I don't have anything as big as a whale, I'd be lucky to even earn jukebox money if I were going to do that.

My kids think I am having a mid-life crisis. Too bad. Maybe I am 15 years from that faded sign, but I like it and am enjoying myself. Next time they bother me to get me to stop practicing I will just shut the door and shimmy on. Knock a little louder, babies! I can't hear you over the jingle of the coins on my hip scarf!

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Marcia said...

I belly danced off and on for over 15 years. It is so much fun and my son way back then never understood, in fact told his dad to tell me NOT to show up in the emergency room when I found out he was being stitched up (because I was on the way back from performing at a craft festival and in costume). Have fun!!! If they think this is a mid-life crisis, should be interesting to hear how they react when you actually get to it. Made me laugh and want to go back to it.