Monday, January 8, 2007

¡Eye, caramba!

I saw something Saturday night that I had only heard about before in stories---The Evil Eye. I was in a bar, having a good time with some good friends along with some others who are more acquaintances of mine. Everybody was dancing, laughing and seemingly having fun when all of a sudden, there it was...the look....directed right at me. It was way more than a dirty look. This gave me goosebumps and made me want to hightail it the hell out of there. I seriously can't stop picturing it.

I can't help but be a little superstitious about things like this, either. I was raised to be that way. My mother is a palm reader. Definitely not the gypsy with a crystal ball kind of fortune teller, but she has always had a great fear of evil spirits especially since of our neighbors was supposedly possessed through an Ouija Board. That's the story, anyway. Personally, I think the neighbor may have been possessed by some other kind of spirit (if you know what I mean), but to this day I've never touched an Ouija Board.

Many years ago I worked in a small bookstore that was going out of business. and my co-workers and I were packing up all of the unsold stock. I climbed up to the top shelf in the storeroom to make sure we had everything and saw some tarot cards. The cards were beautiful and the case was very elaborate and I thought my mother might really like them. I asked my manager if I could buy them, but they weren't part of the store's stock and nobody knew who they belonged to so I just took them home with me that night. My mother freaked when I gave them to her. I didn't know this, but if tarot cards find you it's a very bad thing. She grabbed the cards and, in her nightgown, drove off somewhere to get rid of them. I didn't ask because I really didn't want to know. I had to promise to never touch tarot cards that found me again. Fortunately, none ever have.

The Evil Eyetress is an aquaintance. I've seen her maybe three or four times and honestly, I don't like her. My "people radar" is usually right on target. The Evil Eyetress is pretty, outgoing, fun and yet, I just really didn't like her. Now I know why. One glance from her and you won't ever be able to sleep again.

I admit, I am getting a little tired, so I asked my ex-husband who, being from Mexico, is quite versed in all things superstitious, including Evil Eye. He said the cure is to get a curandero (a Mexican folk healer) to run and egg up and down my body. The egg will absorb the evil powers. I have eggs, but no idea where to find a Mexican Folk Healer. I'm thinking that Holy Water, an amulet to prevent further attacks and a sleeping pill are going to have to do.

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