Thursday, January 25, 2007

Breaking Away (Thursday Thirteen #4)

It's no secret that when things don't work, I get irritated. This includes co-workers. I don't know why, but everything (except the Chicago Bears) seems to be malfunctioning this week. It started with the coffee maker and just went downhill from there.

For today's Thursday Thirteen, here's a list of 13 things that are broken in my house.

Thirteen Things that ARE BROKEN IN MY HOUSE

1. My Coffee Maker. I am not a morning person. Since the rest of the world insists on morning hours, I require coffee to comply. I poured water in my coffee maker and it all just ran right out the bottom. I put more water in and more water came out. Seeing a pattern develop, I figured I would just nuke last night's coffee. I know, not ideal, but I'm hooked.

2. My Microwave. When I grabbed the handle on the door to my microwave to nuke my coffee, it completely snapped off. It doesn't appear to be re-attachable.

3. The dial tone on my phone. I can receive calls, I just can't make any on my home phone.

4. My Dishwasher. All of a sudden there is no water going into my dishwasher. The "heat dry" feature does work, though, causing the dirt on the dishes to become plastered to them.

5. My DVD Player. We watched a movie and all was good. We decided to watch another, so I went to Blockbuster to go get one. The DVD player wouldn't load the new movie. I figure I got a bad copy so I went back to Blockbuster to exchange it. It wouldn't load the replacement either. We try some of our movies. None of them will load.

6. My Cable Modem. Every afternoon I lose my cable modem for about 20 minutes. It goes back on when I reboot it. I have no idea why nor does the cable company.

7. My leather sectional. Whoever designed this sectional really just sucks. The two pieces attach with a too thin metal bar and a far too short platform. Every time someone sits on that half of the sectional, it collapses. I've complained to the store about this to no avail and we've tried everything to fix it. I can no longer stand falling into the couch.

8. My daughter's wrist.
The fracture in her scaphoid bone appeared healed on the x-ray so the doctor took the cast off. She complained of pain right away when they took the cast off, but they sent us home. The pain only continued to increase over the next several hours. They sent us for an MRI and when it was read 5 days later (what?) it was discovered she had a torn ligament in her wrist. She is now back in a cast for at least 4 more weeks.

9. My computer. It crashed. I did a system restore and put it back to its original condition. It crashed again. I restored it again but now Windows XP won't run any Microsoft software. It runs everything else. I can't figure that out for the life of me.

10. The filter on my fish tank.
Power surge and poof! It's broken.

11. The backlight on my daughters cell phone. It doesn't come on anymore so you really can't see the screen. I'm guessing she probably burned it out by sending over 7,000 text messages last month. Life is very demanding when you are popular.

12. The strap on my new purse.
It just unraveled and came apart. That really irritates me.

13. My Romantic Candle Holder. This one is my fault. In a getting ready for Valentine's Day mood, I put a what I thought would be very romantic candle holder on the wall in the bedroom. Obviously, I missed the studs because when I went to put candles in it, the weight of them tore it off the wall and now not only do I not have a very romantic candle holder, I have a hole in the wall. The hubby thinks we should just cover up the hole with a wall hanging, flat screen TV and use it to watch downloaded porn with the new computer and DVD player we'll have to buy. (That probably is a better idea than my candle holder.)

The only thing left around here that needs a break is me.

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_gentle said...

I don't think it's very proper for me to be laughing at other people's misfortunes. But I did giggle a bit because I can relate to your misery. It's always something isn't it?

Best of luck. Happy TT~!

Stacie said...

Doesn't it seem like when one thing breaks it all once! LOL...the good news get all new stuff..well, except for your daughters wrist. I hope that's better soon. good luck. Great TT, I played too. Stacie

BeckyD said...

That is a very fantastic list. Sorry it's all such a bummer, but it was fun to read.

Enjoy the big screen and the new computer, and DVD player. LOL

Next thing broke? Your bank account.

Frances said...

Your hubby really knows how to solve a problem ;)
Hope you daughter's wrist is all better soon.
Sending good vibes your way from New York,

momtoanangel said...

If you have the tall white Motorolla modem, it was under recall. I didn't know that till the 3rd tech was out. Damn Comcast! Damn Techs! I loved your TT!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Raven said...

That's a lot of broken things. Even on my worst day I don't have it that bad. LOL...Great TT list and I hope it all gets fixed!