Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Out of Control

The only thing worse for a couch potato than not having the necessary couch would be not having a TV. We have a beautiful TV, but unfortunately for me, it’s accompanied by several different remotes...none of which I can seem to learn to operate correctly. (Since you are wondering...yes, my VCR’s always blinked 12:00)

Last night I went to turn on the sleep timer and hit some mystery button instead. Not sure what happened, but the sound coming thru the stereo was about 30 second behind what I was watching on the screen. It’s very upsetting to those of us who are somewhat remote-control-ically challenged.

Thank goodness my kids comprehend this HD/DVD/CBL/TV/Video/GAMES input, output, Dolby digital/DTS stuff. I showed them what happened this morning and with a push of a single button (I still don't know which one), Matt Lauer’s lips were synchronized with the sound coming from the stereo once more. All is good again.

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