Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Couch Potato

I guess summer is officially here because the pool is open! I put on my new very cute, hide-the-stretchmarks bathing suit and my new metallic flip-flops, packed up the kids and off to the pool we went. It was freezing! I stuck my toes in the water and decided swimming was out and spent the rest of the time wrapped up in a beach towel shivering. I’m not so good with cold and to me anything less than 90 isn’t really all that warm. I’m the only one I know who thought the 112 degree temperature in Las Vegas was pretty nice.

Speaking of warm temperatures, my hubby is in Orlando this week for a conference. I miss him terribly. A lot of my friends just love when their husbands go away on business trips. I don’t. I feel lost or something. I usually go with him on these once a year trips, but the kids are getting older and with finals this week, we just couldn’t swing it.

There is one good thing, though….I get to sleep guilt-free on the couch. I’ve loved sleeping on the couch since I was a little kid and honestly would be more than fine sleeping there all the time. The hubby isn’t so crazy about that idea. We started out with a waterbed, which I thought was semi-tolerable until I got pregnant and then it made me nauseous, so we switched to a regular mattress. I didn’t like that either. We recently bought one of body contouring NASA foam mattresses and guess what….you really can jump on the bed with a glass of wine and not have it spill…and I still prefer the couch.

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