Friday, June 9, 2006

Adios Oscar Mayer!

This morning I had to say farewell to Oscar Mayer. He must have been lonely after his tank mate Oscar Madison jumped out of the tank last week because this morning I found him in the middle of my family room floor. I had those fish for two years and while they did splash around a bit in the tank, they’ve never actually jumped. Now, within a matter of days of each other, they’re both gone and I have an empty tank. I think I’m going to redecorate the tank and fill it with some regular old non-jumping tropical community fish. I have a third Oscar, DeLaHoya, in my 55 gallon tank. I’ve had him for about 2 ½ years. So far, he’s never even made a splash, much less try to jump ship.

My daughter also has a new hamster, Baby. I like the cuter rodents, like hamsters and gerbils or “grebbils” as my youngest daughter used to call them. Years ago I bought four grebbils for the kids. The store swore that they only sold one sex. We bought this huge habitrail thing and the kids just loved it! Turned out, though, that Marshmallow the Grebbil was suffering from some sexual identity disorder and was just passing himself off as a girl in the pet store. Before I knew it, we had 24 grebbils. It was like a buy one-get 6 free deal. We now have a one rodent per cage rule in my house.

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