Friday, June 2, 2006

Bite Me

Bite Me

Earlier today I lost my temper with my daughter's teacher and told her off and I'm not the least bit sorry. I rarely get angry with anyone. When I do it's because they are way out of line or they're screwing with one of my kids. She managed to do both at the same time and I really don't care if the last week of school is "hectic". Not an excuse to be rude. She wins the "Bite Me" award for the day. I prefer another choice of wording (kiss my ass!), but I had to stop using that phrase when I got called to the principal's office because my first grade daughter told another kid to do just that. Rightly so, I might add, but it doesn't sound very nice coming from a cute, little girl.

The entire incident was over a field trip form that I had misplaced. I'm thinking the last week of school isn't that hectic if there's time to make such an incident out of that.


My son was playing at the park tonight. A group of kids there found some baby bunnies and pulled them out of the nest. My son called me to come to the park to save the bunnies becasue the kids were hurting them. I got there to find several kids poking them with sticks. I chased the kids away and we scooped up the bunnies and put them back in the nest. Hopefully, they'll be okay. We're going to check them in the morning. I'm a very proud mom tonight. Twice in a week, my son has shown himself to be a stand-up guy. He jumped in to defend his sister in a playground scuffle late last week and ended up with a broken nose and now he's saved the bunnies. More people should be like him.

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