Monday, December 1, 2008

Shake, Shake, Shake-uh-Shake It!

I hope that everyone as a wonderful Thanksgiving. I did! The family came over and we enjoyed the full traditional thanksgiving dinner...mouthwatering turkey dripping in homemade gravy, freshly whipped mashed potatoes, cornbread dressing and sweet potatoes caked in even sweeter melted marshmallows. Add some sides of applesauce, cranberry sauce, cucumber salad and broccoli smothered in cheese and you’ll know why I’ve also been enjoying the leftovers most of the weekend, too. It gets me all aflutter!

Speaking of aflutter, if one can be in love with a thing, I early Christmas present, an iPhone! I have to say, it’s my coolest toy since I got my iMac. There are just tons of apps that make it do all kinds of things and I’ve also discovered Scrabble and Yahtzee games that I can play on my phone. The best part? To roll the dice to shuffle your tiles, all you have to do it shake the phone. That’s right...shake, shake, shake, shake, uh shake it!

Speaking of shaking, Hysteria Lane was blanketed with several inches of snow overnight. UGH. I dislike winter, scraping snow off my car, slipping on ice and shivering in my shoes. I need one of those countdown clocks counting down the days ‘til summer! There's probably an iPhone app for that!

This weekend was also the countdown until Christmas. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t. I’m not one of those Black Friday shoppers. Forget it. There is nothing in Wal-Mart I am willing to freeze my ass off standing in line for hours and risk getting trampled to death to get. I’d rather wait until the last minute than deal with that mess. But, I did put up the Christmas tree that I got on clearance last year. I like to shake things up a bit, so I didn’t go with the traditional green tree. My tree is copper colored and this picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s so beautiful in person, it gives me chills!

Today is also World AIDS Day and HIV and the AIDS virus need to be shaken out of our lives. As most of you know, my brother passed away from he AIDS virus back in 1994. He likely contracted it before anyone had even heard about it and I wouldn’t wish that hell on anyone. Today 33 million people are living with HIV and AIDS took the lives of 2.1 million people including 330,000 children in 2007 alone. Worldvision has tons of information on AIDS, including ways you can help. In the Chicago area, there is a wonderful organization called BEHIV, whose dedication and assistance helped my family get through one of it’s toughest times. If you are in a position to help out with either of these organizations, please do.

Until next time, keep shakin’ it up everybody!


Damien said...

So sorry to hear about your brother. Cool looking iPhone! Happy Holidays.

Jessica Morris said...

I kept meaning to congratulate you on FB for your new iPhone!! YAY!!! :)

coldweatherisfun said...

Hi Jessica:

It's nice that you had a great Thanksgiving & a Merry Christmas. I've never owned a cellphone-though most people have it & I'm not familiar with Iphones nor the new phones incl. Blackberries that come out. I've never had the need nor interest to get 1, but so many walk around with them.

Anyhow, about a month earlier, I had commented on the blog you wrote regarding Proposition 8, with the ID Anonymous. Today I have comments on AIDS.

It's bad when any1 dies of a disease, be it AIDS, cancer, etc. Yes, children incl. babies have died of AIDS. But what has tuned me out about AIDS is the politicization that surrounds this disease.

For instance, people die of lung cancer (I've known 2 people incl. an uncle that died of this) because of smoking (he was too) & people die of diabetes & other diseases incl. certain cancers as a result of poor eating habits & obesity. Yet most people incl. the victims would say that they assumed the risks with their lifestyle habits.

Now with AIDS & this maybe out of line, but with homosexual AIDS victims, I don't empathize. If they're going to have sex with many men & not use condoms, then that's the assumed risk. The same would be true with a man who has sex with many women or a woman who has sex with many men that later gets Venereal Disease (VD) as a result of promiscuity. Most people wouldn't empathize.

Of course, we must help any1 who is sick with a disease, regardless of whether or not it's their fault. If some1 gets drunk & then drives & gets injured, yes, it's the duty of Drs. to save his or her life. But again, most people wouldn't sympathize.

Yet I haven't understood the sympathy for homosexual AIDS victims. Sure Freddie Mercury had musical talent, though I didn't care much for Queen.

In April 1992, there was a concert in the U.K. (perhaps you saw it) where Guns N'Roses, Def Leppard among others did money raising for AIDS in honor of Freddie Mercury who had died in Nov. 1991 after battling it. It's bad that Freddie Mercury died, but he assumed the risks with his sexual behaviors.

I don't want to come off as callous , but when it comes to priorities, I just believe that children with leukemia or M.S. must be given priority to those who get diseases, injured or killed as a result of risky behaviors & this incl. priority over homosexual AIDS victims.

With AIDS, mainstream psycholgists esp. since the mid to late 1990s have said condoms must be pushed, but the idea of repair therapy for homos&lesbians who want to be straight is to be discarded & not offered. As you recall, on your Prop 8 blog, I wrote about repair therapy & if you get a chance, read about Michael Glatze. Since this is about AIDS, I'll discuss repair therapy on another blog. But if you've read about Michael Glatze in his own words, then perhaps you can create a separate topic about repair therapy.

Your thoughts on AIDS & more importantly my belief on who should be helped 1st & given higher priority when it comes to diseases are welcome. AIDS has become politicized, as ideology has @times dominated this topic & I just feel that if people will engage in promiscous sex & not use condoms, I can't sympathize if they get VD (I like the old words) or in the worst case AIDS.

Crystal said...


Dustin has all but convinced me to get an iPhone. The Yahtzee app sounds fun!

Dustin said...

Yay for your iPhone! We can be iPhone pals! In fact I am posting this comment using my iPhone :-)

Sorry to hear about your brother. It's always painful to lose someone.

Coldweather - I am not sure about your intentions so I mean this kindly. You really should consider your audience before commenting like you did. Jessica posted what she did because her brother died from AIDS. I don't know the circumstances but it doesn't matter. Losing someone is difficult whether their lifestyle caused it or not. I, for one, was a little put off by your comment about diabetes because my father died due to complications with diabetes and it was not a lifestyle thing. I know your comment was aimed at those instances that are, but I just feel that your comment was out of place.

But that is just my opinion.

Again, I meant this in kindness...