Tuesday, November 25, 2008

With This Ring

I am cringing. My beautiful 15 year old daughter is walking around with one of these nose rings. This is not my daughter. It's just an example of another pretty girl who should not have a ring like this in her nose.

It’s fake (thank goodness, because I’d have to tear it out otherwise), but I can’t even look at it without thinking of this.

Does anyone really think this is an attractive look? I like to consider myself open minded and for the most part, I think I am. I let Oldest Daughter get her bellybutton pierced and I let Middle Daughter get the side of her nose pierced and I think they both look really cute.

However, not all piercings are “cute”. Tongue rings, bull-like nose rings, eyebrow, lip and ear cartilage piercings make me want to gag. Seriously. I can’t barely even look at them. When I hear of people piercing...let’s just say the more sensitive areas of their bodies...I want to pass out. WHY would anyone do that?!?! ACK!

While Middle Daughter is trying to persuade me to get a permanent septum pierce (not gonna happen, but it might be fun to let her try), I have to go iron my matador outfit and and get ready to wave my red silky cloth around the living room. Olé! You know, just for fun ;)



Crystal said...

I like them in the side of the nose, but not a ring like that in the middle.

Cartilage is alright, but I'm not a fan of the others.

I'm boring. I have two holes in each ear lobe and that's it.

Jenny McB said...

Whenever I see the ring, I think, what the hell happens when you get a cold?

I think the tongue piercing is just plain gross, along with the ear hole.
Sure they're making a statement, but it's statement for a lifetime.

pjazzypar said...

You blow nose when you get a cold (lol). I've had two holes in my nose for years and it's never a problem. While I don't wear the ring (I wear studs) figure if people don't like a style they shouldn't wear it. I don't like eyebrow, tongue, lip, etc. piercings, so I don't have those. I am also afraid of needles :-)

RC, I wouldn't worry too much about your daughter's self-expression. Trust me the more you detest it, the more she is going to want to rebel.

Dustin said...

I've seen people pierce their fingernails...not the finger AT the fingernail...just...the fingernail...you know, the part you cut off!

Maybe you can talk her into that. Though, somehow, I imagine having that "professionally" done costs quite a bit - even though it's "disposable".

Jessica Morris said...

I pierced my own belly button, and yet now I am too scared to get a second hole in each ear... but I'd love a second hole in each ear.
And maybe a nose ring.
But I am too chicken.