Saturday, November 22, 2008

Block Party

As you know, I’ve been housebound with terrible back pain. Worse than the back pain is the boredom that comes with not being able to do pretty much anything.

In the last month, I’ve become addicted to Facebook and chocolate chip pancakes slathered in whipped cream. I’ve written, dumped and rewritten five chapters of my book and I’ve seen more episodes of Law and Order than I care to count. My DVR? It’s actually empty because I’ve had time to catch up on the shows I tape.

I’m not tired because I haven’t done anything so I end up staying up at night when everyone else in the house has gone to sleep. People, I am bored!

Anyway, tonight I was going through Yahoo News and one of the headlines was a horrible story about a young man who had committed suicide on a live web stream at I learned at this site that you can stream video through your webcam and have a chat room right next to it. People can watch your live video and comment to you.

I had never heard of before so I took a look-see over there and discovered this site called Adam’s Block. it seems this guy Adam just hangs a webcam out his 6th floor apartment window. Adam’s description leads one to believe that perhaps this might be a seedy neighborhood in San Francisco.

I watched for a few minutes and realized that there were almost 200 other viewers, too! Some of the regular chatters were talking about things they had seen happen on the block like car crashes, prostitution and a drunken little person laying in the middle of traffic. Before I knew it, I had watched for almost 30 minutes. There’s something hypnotizing about it, I guess.

So, if you’re really bored (and I mean really bored) head on over to Adam’s Block and check it out.

You can watch it right here or you can go to the site if you care to chat with the somewhat obnoxious chatters.

Watch live video from Adam's Block (San Francisco) on
There’s something very strange about 200 people watching a video feed of an intersection on a Friday night. And, yes, I was one of them! I told you I was bored!


Dustin said...

Jessica - I'm sending some of my friends over. They're going to bring you a nice new jacket with all kinds of pretty, shiny buckles on it. They're going to take you to a nice plush room and let you relax in there....

As I was typing this comment, I watched a car turn left from the far right lane. That's just craziness.

Crystal said...

Wow, that's... sad. Except for the pancakes. Those sound awesome.

Methinks you need a new hobby!

Anonymous said...

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