Thursday, October 2, 2008

High School Never Ends

Well, it doesn't for me anyway and I'm glad. I loved high school and everything about it. Being goofy, dancing in the hallways, leg warmers over jeans, punk hairdos, crushes, dances, freezing football games, pompons, decorating lockers, face get the idea. It was all good. High School was so cool, well, somebody should make a freakin' musical about it.

Oh, they already did? (darn! why don’t I think of these things?)

Anyway, this year I have been graduated from high school for (gasp!) twenty-five years! (oh, get up, it’s not that bad). We were supposed to have a big reunion and since I am the self-designated Miss “Class of 1983”, I was supposed to plan it, but life happened this year and as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t do it. Nobody else wanted to do it, so we’re not having one and that makes me kind of sad. Tomorrow before the football game, the school is having a special “alumni area” set up and I’m going to stop by and see if I know anyone. It will have to do for now.

JW and I both graduated in the same class and while we weren’t exactly (not even close!) what you’d call high school sweethearts, we sweeted up a little later on and had four babies, three of whom now attend that exact same high school! My “baby” will go there next year.

Cool, right? I love it because I get to go back there and “see my kids”. No, really, I do go to see my kids, but once I hit those stands in the football field, I am 15 years old again, wanting to bop around and start some “Hey You, yell GO BIG BLUE” cheer. Such temptation, and it takes everything I have in my to hold back so I don’t, you know, embarrass my teenagers. It’s a tough call. It really could go either way.

Tonight was the start of Homecoming Weekend and The Firelight Rally. It’s where they showcase the Varsity level athletes, pick a Homecoming King and Queen and light up a big “ME”, the school’s initials.

This year I have 3 Varsity Cheerleaders! I think that has to be a record of some kind. Unfortunately, Middle Daughter is battling blue demons of another kind and isn’t in this performance, but my other two daughters sure are! Which two are mine? Why, the prettiest two, of course! Seriously, I couldn’t even keep track of them, but be assured they’re in there and Little Daughter goes “up there”, too!

Please forgive the videographer in advance :) She normally has a steady hand, but in her rapidly increasing old age, consistently forgets how cold it can be sitting on metal bleachers for extended periods of time.



Dustin said...

I was going to say something about you being such a proud mama-bear...but to bears wear catboots?

I just found out that my graduating class's 10-year reunion is going to be held over thanksgiving weekend. So...I will not be attending. Traveling 1500 miles to see a bunch of people that I knew for 4 years instead of spending the holiday with, I don't know, my FAMILY - just doesn't appeal. Quite frankly, I'm a little upset that they'd choose a holiday weekend for the reunion. Sure some people travel "home" for the holidays. But some people STAY HOME for the holidays and OTHERS travel to visit other family on holidays.

Bad choice in my opinion.

The Rock Chick said...

Oh, don't be fooled! ALL mommies (bear, cat or otherwise) have secret weapons of some kind that appear when someone gets over the line with the kiddies. I chose Catboots because I like my things to be fashionable :)

There must be some rule about 10 year reunions being on Thanksgiving weekend. My 10th was at that time, too. They are kind of hard to plan (especially when you had a graduating class of over 1000 like I did). It's one of those "you can't win" things. If it's not on a long weekend, the travelers complain and the only long weekends are holidays or some sort. Summers no good because people have travel plans and if it's too close to back to school or and of the holidays in December, that's no good, either. For our 20th, I picked Columbus Day weekend. I had hoped it was neutral enough, but well, you can't please everybody all the time.

I think they get better rates on these big rooms over Thanksgiving weekend. There was a huge difference in price if I had our 20th on a Saturday night vs. Sunday night.

10th reunions suck, in general, in my opinion. Everyone was bragging about how successful they are, blah blah. Boring. The 20th was a completely different animal. It was wonderful! People had outgrown their jock, cheer, drama geek status and were talking to everyone. Forget the 10th, the 20th is the one to go to!!

Jessica Morris said...

That's one thing I will miss out on having homeschooled through highschool... no class reunions. haha, every day is a "class reunion." ;)

We've had a hectic couple days - and we're leaving for a big fair in a couple hours! I am so excited :)
I am still praying. Haven't forgotten you. I'll email you back tomorrow or Sunday!

PopArtDiva said...

Twenty five years? You young whipper snapper, I will be coming up on my 40th high school reunion next year. God, what happened to those 4 decades? Wasn't I just 16 yesterday?

I was more fond of grade school because I always got new crayons and paints each year and in high school the art classes were a joke.

I was also not a cheerleader but more of a dweeb, lol. I enjoyed watching the video, it took me back, but - Jeezus! - you were shaky, lol.

Thanks for stopping by my TT this week too - where's yours???

Crystal said...

I hated high school, and I'm extremely relieved that there wasn't a 10th reunion this year that I was going to have to pass on.

Blah! There are very few people from that time in my life that I care to see again.

The Rock Chick said...

Jessica: I like that...everyday's a class reunion! Have fun and we'll talk when you get back.

popart: I wasn't a cheerleader, either. I was a total choir/musical chick. I was FREEZING--literally shivering in my shoes :) I haven't done a TT in a while. I'll get back into it!

Crystal: Are you sure your not my sister? I swear, not only do you look like her, you talk just like her, too!!!!