Friday, August 29, 2008

Them Bones

Last night I finished reading Kathy Reichs’ “Bones To Ashes”. It was an excellent, engrossing read. No surprise there. All of her books are this way and when I get my hands on one, I devour it. If you don’t already know, Reichs’ books were the inspiration for the Fox hit TV show, BONES.

My only complaint: Dr. Temperance Brennan’s, the main character, on-again/off-again relationship with Detective Andrew Ryan.

I’m sure this is done to add some drama throughout the series, but I’d prefer they be together and muddle through the occasional spat or something. Kathy Reichs is a superb storyteller and between her descriptions of body language and snippy conversations, I can feel the tension between the characters. That’s a huge compliment to Ms. Reichs’, but I don’t care for it. They belong together.

Tempe and Ryan sort of remind me of my neighbors, Tom and Lynette. On alternating weekends, they are either making divorce announcements or having relationship breakthroughs rediscovering their love. They are either holding hands or hanging “Gone Fishing-Alone (I hope, anyway)” signs on their front door.

It’s either super wonderful or really bad with them. There’s no in between. They are like a roller coaster, on a straightaway just building up speed during the week and then on Friday nights, they find out if they go on an upward climb or if the world suddenly bottoms out on them and they start descending into a stomach churning fall.

My jaw bones ache just listening to them sometimes. Right into my ear and then down the back of my neck. Ouch.

I think at times we can all get caught up in this black and white thinking. I know I do. Sometimes it is very hard for me to see the “shades of gray” and I end up extremely frustrated until I can.

That’s what happened this week. I got caught up in black and white thinking and ending up so frustrated that I realized I was holding my breath at times. I had to stop, remind myself to breathe and remember that the world is in high definition color and not black and white and gray. My new Hi-Definition big screen proves it!

I’ve decided to move my RGB slider to the red side of the spectrum today. Red is the color of energy and love. It’s hearty tone represents strength (think power ties, gentlemen) and courage (think American Flag, people!)If I were a better gardener, it would be the color of my rose garden.

Best of all, the color perfectly compliments my favorite fashion accessory, rose colored glasses. The world appears much more lovely when I have them on. :)

Today is a much better day.


Jon McGoran (a.k.a. D. H. Dublin) said...

I'm a big fan of Reichs, too, but I know what you mean about the tense relationship thing. Just one question: Do your neighbors read your blog?

This Eclectic Life said...

lol...jons comment echoed what I was thinking (or I echoed him...something). Glad today is better. Know what I do when I'm feeling down? Yes, you do! I start another project. Then I get too bogged down to think lol! Come join me with the lucky charms for the medicine bags. Maybe your daughters would like it (something you could do together?). We'll get you in a better mood somehow.

PopArtDiva said...

I grew up in a home with a drama queen sister, lots of emotional outbursts - ack! Don't need that and that's why I'm happy with my little Pixel, some music playing and my thoughts.

Guess you can tell I'm not married, lol.

I like both the books and the tv show Bones, but you can bet the tv show will have a large influence on what happens in the books as long as it's on the air.

Hope your life gets even "rosier"!

Crystal said...

I need some of those glasses!

The Rock Chick said...

Jon: Well, since I really don't have neighbors named Tom and Lynette I'm not sure I have to worry about that.....LOL

Shelly: I am psyched about your medicine bags! I'm trying to find little trinkets to put in them. I have the kids looking, too!

PopArt- Thank you. Things are picking up. I really needed this long weekend. Saw friends, actually ate dinner at a table, got to hang with the was nice!

Crystal: you can borrow mine anytime you like, my friend!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Added another book to my TBR list.

The Rock Chick said...

sassy: I think there's something like 9 in the series so far if you haven't read any of hers. They were all very good!!!!! I love forensic sciences so they were exceptionally interesting to me.