Thursday, July 31, 2008

Food For Thought (Thursday Thirteen #40)

Imagine the surprise. You sit down for a delicious snack of some “stain everything orange” cheetos and you find Jesus in the bag. That’s just what happened to Missouri’s Kelly Ramey when she found a cheeto shaped just like this.

Kelly has affectionately named her cheeto “Cheesus” and will place him in a safety deposit box.
The phenomenon of seeing religious images in unusual places is known as pareidolia, and it is really just interpreting random images to have some meaning. It’s really no different than being able to see faces or animals in clouds.

This got me thinking about all the times people have seen Jesus, The Virgin Mary or other religious images, faces, symbols and writing in unusual places. You know, like Kelly's cheeto. I really find this fascinating.

Today is Thursday Thirteen....and here's mine...


1.The Virgin Mary Under The Bridge. Here in Chicago, a salt stain in an emergency exit under a bridge drew thousands of visitors who believed it to be an image of The Virgin Mary.

2. Jesus In An Ultrasound. A woman in Warwickshire, England discovered the face of Jesus on her ultrasound picture.

3. The Jesus Tortilla. Who could forget way back in 1978 when a New Mexico woman was making a burrito and discovered one of the most well known Jesus on food images?

4. The NunBun. A coffeehouse called Bongo Java became world famous in the 1990's after discovering that one of their cinnamon buns looked like Mother Teresa. I think I'd be a little upset if someone thought this looked like me.

5. Jesus On A Frying Pan. I admit, I see most of these, but I can't quite grasp this one.

6. Fishbone Jesus. I like this one.It also seems much more plausible than making an appearance in a bag of Cheetos.

7. The Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Which, by the way, was ten years old when it captured a bid of $28,000 on eBay.

8. Allah In An Eggplant. This is supposedly "Allah" written in Arabic found in a slice of eggplant. I'm going to have to take their word for it because I don't read that language.

9. Allah In Watermelon. It's not just eggplant, people, Allah's name appears in this watermelon segment, too.

10. Jesus On A Fishstick. This image was found after frying up some fishsticks for dinner.

11. Hot Chocolate Jesus. In this instance, Jesus appears in the drippings of hot chocolate down the side of the cup. It's a cool image, but if you have that much dripping, I'd say you have some sort of drinking issue :)

12. Pierogi Jesus. The face of Jesus appeared on a Toledo, Ohio woman's semicircular dumpling. She nabbed $1,775 for this on eBay when it was purchased by the online casino,

13. The Virgin Mary Turtle Tummy. We're going to begin and end in The Windy City here with a Chicago woman's pet turtle bearing the image of The Virgin Mary. I guess these things don't appear on food here.

I tried like crazy to find a picture of The Pizza Hut Jesus, but was only able to find articles. Do you know of any others?


Adelle said...

Kewl list. I wonder how many of those were sold on ebay lol Happy T13!

Malcolm said...

I tried looking at the frying pan in pic #5 with squinted eyes, tilted head, etc. but I still couldn't see the Jesus image. I heard a couple of colleagues talking about "Cheesus" the other morning. Now that's an image I can see.

I can't think of any other Jesus images. However, there was an episode of "Hannah Montana" where Lily and Oliver had a potato chip that looked like Darth Vader.

Kristi said...

These were fun. I guess I need to keep my eye out. Happy T13.

Clara said...

I could actually see the picture in the frying pan. You can see the eyes and all the scratches around the top are the crown of thorns. I don't take things like this seriously, but I know people who do.

Great post.

Come see mehere.

misty said...

I could see it in the frying pan, sad to say .lol. Great list, I do not know of any others. Happy TT.

Kealie Shay said...

This was a fun list.

Thanks for stopping by mine! And yes! My DH calls them my catboots too!

pjazzypar said...

Wow, you know all of this is weird, right RC. And Cheesus is just plain wrong (smile). Notice how Malcolm never misses an opportunity to give Hannah Montana a plug. Happy TT RC. I am going to read down further to see what I missed this week.

Lucy said...

those are amazing!! How DID you find all these??
thanks for visiting me!

Pop said...

1. Okay I see the image but it looks more like Mary Magdalene with a backpack to me

2. Nope, not only do I not see Jesus here - I can't see any baby either!

3. Let me get a tortilla and a lighter - I'll pop art Jesus on it!

4. I see the face, but when you said Nun Bun I was expecting the opposite end of the body!

5. I see the face but I'm worried that this is an alien Jesus here - where's the nose?

6. Even fish gotta right to religion! But I'm still liking the Cheesus best.

7. There really is a fool born every minute - I wonder, could I get $28,000 for a peanut butter and banana sandwich that looked like Elvis??

8. Did the eggplant grow facing Mecca?

9. I can't even see the watermelon - but I'll admit I see red here

10.No, no, no, not on my favorite childhood food!

11. I'm beginning to see that God is everywhere.

12. I am the pierogi of life, whosoever believeth in me. . . . .

13. I had a turtle named Barbara. That has nothing to do with the Virgin Mary, I just thought you might like to know.

This was a champion TT! Thanks for the fun! I just posted 13 reasons why I like my dog better than most people, lol.

Malcolm said...

Pjazzy: Regarding Hannah Montana, you know that I'm a major stockholder in Disney. I gotta prop our cash cow every chance I get.

PopArtDiva said...

Hahaha, Malcolm' plugging Disney!

Dustin said...

I thought the frying pan one was way out there until someone mentioned the eyes and crown of thorns...I could see it after that...I was looking at it the wrong way before. I thought it looked like an alien stick figure at first! LOL

I found a Jesus pizza picture by doing a google image search for "Jesus Pizza" - this particular picture was on someone's myspace page.