Wednesday, May 28, 2008

License To Drive

Just in case you were worried... feel free to relax. I am once again a licensed driver in the State of Illinois. This isn’t my license (obviously! I’m much better looking than Mr. Sample here!), but this is the new design. It actually looks pretty cool!

So, yes, I went back to The Secretary of State’s Office, sat sideways in the discriminatory right handed desk once again and successfully passed my written test with flying shapes...errr, colors!

Actually, even better than flying colors. My score this time was 100%.

Now THAT’S more like the Rock Chick. My sanity is returning.


Kendra said...

happy belated birthday! and congrats on passing your driving tests!

thx for being a good blogging buddy!

Dustin said...

And once again - for a moment in time - all is well with the world!

Congrats on conquering the insanity of a written driving test. I've often wondered if I would be capable of such a feat. As for signs without writing on them, THEY DON'T DO THAT ON THE ROAD! What good is a driving test that doesn't actually test anything you'd experience as a driver? I can understand MAYBE for a new driver, but for someone whose had their license for a while, that's just stupid.

Anyway, welcome your sanity and guard it well, because there are many others out there who want to make off with it!

pjazzypar said...

Alright! I knew you could do it.

This Eclectic Life said...

Of course you aced it! What else would we expect of a Rock Chick? Glad to see you are back behind the wheel.

JAM said...

Lovely Wife's purse was stolen a week ago, and when she gets a few items of identification she can get her license again. At least in Florida, once you pass the test, and as long as you live here, you can just keep renewing it without testing over and over.

Glad you're legal again.