Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Womp Bop A Looma


Do you all remember Grease? It’s one of my favorite musicals! Drag racing, beauty school dropouts and oh, oh, those summer niii-yights.

Only it’s not summer here in Chicago, which leads me to my story and the main reason as to why what happened is not entirely my fault. If it were warmer outside, this never would have happened.

One of my favorite songs from Grease is “We Go Together”. Ramma lamma lamma ka dingity ding da dong.

It’s a great theme song for a lot of things like me and JW, peanut butter and jelly, and cars and garages. You just can’t think of one without the other.

Last night, I was trying to get the family together to go see Middle Daughter perform with the orchestra in her high school musical production of Disney’s “Beauty and The Beast”. It was fabulous, by the way.

Anyway, it was absolutely freezing outside. I went to get some gas for the car while everyone was still getting ready. Arriving home, I pulled up in my driveway, shivered and decided to leave the car running (which I never do!) while I retrieved my already late family from inside the house.

I stepped inside the door and as soon as I hollered “Let’s Go!”, there was a very loud, terrible crunching sound. One of those sounds that you just know can’t be anything good.

What the heck was that? I peeked outside the door to look.

And then I screamed. A WOMP BAM BOOM, indeed.

Imagine my horror as I saw my trusty minivan, with no driver, pushing forward trying to get into the garage. That dang car drove all the way up the driveway!

I understand,the car probably wanted to get warm, too, but you have to open the door before you go in the garage!

Stupid car.

In my high heels, I darted across my ice covered driveway, hopped in, put it in reverse and then cried my eyes out when I saw the damage to my garage door.

It’s not good. Actually, it’s really bad and I’m sure it’s going to cost me a lot of ching ching, chingity ching shoo bop to fix. Whoa YEAH!



Crystal said...

Oooh no!!! How awful!!

Buy that car some leg warmers next time.

Hope it doesn't cost too much. :o(

The Mama Bear said...

Uhm yikes....
Sorry it happened but glad the performance was a good one.
I'll try to make you feel better. We once rented a house that was literally in line with the end of a night a drunk driver drove up our driveway in a little Toyota (we know this because they left their grill behind) side-swiped our car, and hit our garage dead on...the crumpled the door, and hit our conversion van which went sailing out the back of the garage taking the whole garage off its foundation. I promise you all truth...and nobody heard the crash as it had been a stormy night, what a wake up call at 5am when hubby went to leave for work. Our landlords at the time were in more shock than we were. And amazingly the driver managed to limp away with their damaged Toyota and was never found.
Hope the expense of your door repair or replacement is not near as bad as rebuilding a garage :)
Feel better now?

This Eclectic Life said...

Why do you have me sitting here giggling with the imagery, when I know it was devastating for you? Your poor garage. Your poor pocketbook. Your poor van!

You made it sound funny, but it's a good lesson for us!

Just takes the blink of an eye, doesn't it...

Malcolm said...

At least you have sense of humor about it.

Your story reminds me of a cross between the book/movie "Christine" and the scene in "Better Off Dead" when John Cusack tries to asphyxiate himself in his parent's car in the garage.

Jessica Morris said...

Awww - I am so, so sorry!!

JAM said...

At least it didn't back out into the street and hit someone, or someone's car across the street.

Wow, what a bummer.

I learned that lesson a little easier years ago. My second vehicle was a 1975 Ford pickup with automatic transmission. I was the type to leave the truck running in park while I ran quickly inside for something. One day we got an official letter from Ford that the particular transmission I had was prone to shifting into Reverse on it's own, and to never leave the vehicle running and unattended. I just simply stopped doing that, and never had a problem myself.

I'm sorry that this lesson is gonna cost you some cash.

Dustin said...

I gotta be honest with you...

...that just doesn't sound like a good thing!