Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where Do I Begin? (Thursday Thirteen #36)

As you probably already know, I jumped on the Barack Obama bandwagon a while back. I really like him.

I like him so much that I even bought myself this Barack Obama button three weeks ago, but it never arrived.

Now I know that if I were running for President and someone was willing to pay for and walk around with a button with my picture on it, I would get that button mailed out tout de suite, non? (I had to use that expression because someone wrote "toot sweet" in a complaint letter to my office and I laughed so hard I was crying!)

I think Barack would agree with me on this so that can only mean that somebody intercepted my button! Flat out stole the thing!

I like to play Nancy Drew, so I’ve lined up all the probable suspects. There’s just so many it’s hard to tell where to begin!

Today is Thursday’s mine....


1. Did Oprah take my button? Maybe she’s jealous that The Rock Chick is influential, too!

2. If so, Maybe Oprah’s boyfriend took it with him when he moved out of her Gold Coast condo. I'll have to wait until The Enquirer tells me where he moved.

3. Maybe I’d find it on the set of “Law and Order”? Hmmm, even if it is there, the set’s probably closed with the writer’s strike.

4. Would I find it in John Edwards hairstyling kit? If it is, I certainly hope it’s not covered in product!

5. Or could it be in Huckabee’s guitar case? Maybe he’s using it as a guitar pick!

6. Is it hiding in McCain’s cheeks? (Ok, ok, I apologize! ) I’m SURE it isn’t there.

7. Maybe I’d find it in Mitt Romney’s coffee cup? It’s empty after all. He has to do something with it.

8. Perhaps it’s mixed in with all of Guiliani’s marriage certificates and divorce papers! I’d probably never find it.

9. Could W himself have my button? Maybe he doesn’t want to move out of The White House!

10. Or maybe Jenna Bush is using it to pin up her mugshot somewhere.

11. Chris Matthews might have taken it to pin his lips together after his ridiculous Hillary Clinton comment last week.

12. Will I find it in Hillary’s village? Just how big is this village exactly? Will I need my posse to help me search?

13. I’ve got it! Maybe it’s in Bill Clinton’s pants! Nah, someone would have found it by now, for sure.

(But seriously, my button never arrived!)


Vixen said...

After I picked myself up off the floor after collapsing from the laughter (you are a funny minx), I informed my hubs that I am joining your posse. When shall we crash the village?

Amy The Black said...

I sometimes think that my letter carrier goes through my mail and watches my Netflix before sending them back. Perhaps your mailperson is in the Hillary camp and doesn't want you to have the button.

Malcolm said...

Where do you start because all of these are probable? Don't rule out Oprah's pal Gayle King either. If your morphing into Nancy Drew doesn't help you crack the case, you might want to put in a call to Veronica Mars.

The Rock Chick said...

vixen: we start tomorrow. bring your flashlight and a canteen of margaritas :)

amy the black: I'm sure my mail carrier does that with my Cosmo magazine! It's never in nice condition when it arrives. Maybe I'll just have to go pick up a button!

malcolm: right! where do i start? I didn't think even think of Gayle King! That's the first place I'll try!!

Penelope Anne said...

roflmao....too frackin' funny.
Let us know if the button shows up before you need to start sleuthing....and how much sleuthing can be accomplished with margaritas?????

The Rock Chick said...

Penelope: oh, I'll for sure let you know when (if) the button shows up! Margaritas make you more creative, you didn't know that? LOL

badpuppydog said...

lol that was hilarious, i wish i could free associate like that lol thanks for stopping by, Photo Show it was just invented two days ago, so NOBODY'S heard of it lol

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I've had books stolen from my mail, so why not a button?

I hope that's what happened, though. Imagine the bad PR for them if someone discovers it was never sent out, but your money was gleefully accepted. Yowch.

Shannymar said...

You're very funny! I'm adding you to my awards ceremony. Lol.

I've got a little something for you on my site!
I awarded you the Excellent Blog Award. Come and get it!

bred said...

OMG, you're freaking hilarious! what a clever list.
and, you've helped me to get the "toot sweet" song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang stuck in my head... thank you very much! lol

Crystal said...

LOL You're too much.

Sorry about the missing button. But hey, at least you got another (prettier, in my very honest opinion :oP ) piece of mail this week! ;o)

Sockpuppet said...

very funny list, thanks for visiting mine.

Nicholas said...

Very funny list. Has it showed up yet?

Danica/Dream said...

Very funny.

forgetfulone said...

I enjoyed your TT! Lighthearted fun. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Di said...

You are probably WAY too young to remember this movie, but the "toot sweet" comment probably came from someone in my generation who was raised on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In this movie Truly Scrumptious (Sally Ann Howes) and Cractacus Potts (Dick Van Dyke) sing about the amazing new candy, Toot Sweet!!!

The Rock Chick said...

di: Thank you for the compliment!!! I loved the old Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! as much as anyone like me who now can say they are "Forty Something"!!

Still, one would think that when writing a complaint letter and asking someone to do something immediately, hopefully, one wouldn't confuse tout de suite and toot sweet. Two entirely different things! LOL Although, it was funny!

Anonymous said...

Button, button, who's got the button...

Go Ask Alice!!!