Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Here Today!

Dearest Loyal Readers and Rock Chick Fans,

Just a quick note to let you know that I'm disbanding the posse. You can put away the fingerprint powder, surveillance kits and canteens of margaritas. There will be no need to toss the set of "Law and Order", Hillary's village or even Bill Clinton's pants. Thank Goodness because my CSI kit is out of gloves.

My Barack Obama button has arrived!


damien said...

Great looking button. I am still only about 75% Obama but I will probably get there.

Shannon said...

I'm with damien, I'm probably about 75% Obama too. I read one of his books and I love it and I'm more of a Hillary "non-supporter" than anything. :)
I need to read up more on all the candidates for sure. Now that I'm back from vacation, I'll do that.
Glad you got your button!

Jessica Morris said...

haha - glad it showed up!

Penelope Anne said...

You know I am leaning towards Obama, I am so wishy washy, glad the button arrived....I guess I'll drink these margaritas myself while I wonder where all the gloves went in the CSI kit.

FRIGGA said...


Malcolm said...

Glad to hear that this wasn't a vast right-wing conspiracy. By the way, nice "Law and Order" reference.

The Rock Chick said...

damien: it is a good looking button, right? my opinion of him even improved after I read his book "Dreams of my Father". I really admire his honesty.

shannon: oh see, i like Hillary, too. I just like Barack better for some reason and because I have to believe that there are people with other surnames than Bush and Clinton who are capable of being President.

jessica: me, too!

penelope: don't drink them all! I'm sure another mystery will present itself sooner or later! We can't use up all the detective supplies :)

frigga: why did the button come? the mail man brought it, silly!!! Why am I for Barack? I like him. I think he's honest. I just can't vote Republican, which leaves me with Edwards and Clinton. I don't care for Edwards and while I do like Hillary, I think we could all use a change from Presidents named Clinton and Bush.

malcolm: i'm glad, too. although, a good right wing conspiracy might have been fun! :)