Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can't Smile Without You (Thursday Thirteen #35)

I think the only one who has had a more disappointing week than I’ve had is Britney Spears. No big surprise there, right?

You all know I love Bon Jovi, but I also have a similar enchantment with the crooner Barry Manilow. The reason I am disappointed is because I desperately wanted to see Barry Manilow in concert this Saturday, but I couldn’t find anyone willing to go with me.

Sad, right? (not that I want to see him. It’s sad that no one will go with me!)

I asked my friends. Nope.

I asked my sister (who I think OWES me because I went to see Donny Osmond with her). She said she’s busy. Too busy to see Barry Manilow?

I begged my wonderful husband and even he said no. He said he’s already served his Barry sentence.

Maybe so. He surprised me with tickets once after our son was born. Barry Manilow strikes a chord within me and I cried during the entire three hour concert. Come to think of it, so did my hubby but it was probably for different reasons.

Desperate, I begged my kids to go with me! They refused, so I announced that I would go alone. Between bursts of laughter, my kids told me that there was nothing lamer than going to a Barry Manilow concert by myself.

I disagree, but I decided not to go. I was SOOOO upset that I couldn’t even come up with a Thursday Thirteen! I need to thank my very creative friend, The Big BahUna, who helped me out (ok, he wrote most of it) so that I could move past the “Can’t Smile Without You, Barry” phase.

Today is Thursday Thirteen.....and here's mine...


1. Listening to a Manilow CD by myself on a Saturday night dressed up with feathers in my hair and my dress cut down to there. Hey, I’ve always like the name Lola.

2. Believing that somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again WITHOUT me buying a $200 ticket.

3. Experiencing confusion because with the price of Barry’s tickets, you’d think he could afford an umbrella to help him make it through the rain.

4. Trying to convince myself that Barry HAS been alive forever.

5. Researching if he really did write the very first song.

6. Feeling overwhelmed with pride because Barry Manilow wrote the jingle for the insurance company that I work for!

7. Writing letters to the makers of Viagra to dump the current “Viva Viagra!” commercials and use Barry’s “Trying To Get The Feeling Again” song as their jingle instead.

8. Wondering why Barry just doesn’t find himself a nice girl and settle down and actually making a list of single friends I could set him up with.

9. Pouring through Wikipedia to find out if Mandy was a actually a real person like “My Sharona!” or just Barry’s Manilow’s dog.

10. Deciding that Barry’s Weekend in New England was probably a three day weekend. No two day weekend could be that wonderful.

11. Using my Toys R Us CSI kit to try to solve the mystery of “just who shot who?” at the Copa!

12. I can’t help it but I feel sad, when he’s sad. I feel glad when he’s glad. Is that weird?

13. Referring to myself as a FANILOW! (ok, I really do this!) Comment on fellow Fanilows! I know you're out there!


Michelle said...

I am not a big Manilow fan but hey, I loved your list!!! I am going to send the link for a few fans I know.

Lazy Daisy said...

I would have gone with you. I loved the list and "caught" every reference. My hubby said he already did his Barry sentence too. I could so relate.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with going to a concert you love alone if ya got to. Why let other people spoil your fun. Next time tell your hubby you don't want him to come, cause than the cute guys won't hit on ya. He might think twice about refusing.

Happy TT

Rockycat said...

Here's a little trivia - Not only did Barry not write the very first song, he also didn't write "I Write The Songs"! Kinda ironic, no?

Karina said...

Not a Fanilow, so I'm afraid I can't join you on that particular bandwagon, but if you ever need someone to accompany you to a Bon Jovi concert? I'm in!

Great list anyway! ;-)

Malcolm said...

Although I am not a Fanilow, this list made me laugh... good stuff Jessica! I actually got some of the references.

I would love to hear the orig. version of "Mandy" by a guy named Scott English (his version was called "Brandy").

mom huebert said...

I would have gone with you to the concert! I remember crying over "Mandy," and "I Write the Songs" when I was a teenybopper. When he sang "I write the songs that make the young girls cry" I'd just bawl and think how did he know??

Shannon said...

I'm not a "Fanilow" either, but I would definitely have gone with you. I'm not one to pass up on a concert and will go to pretty much anything. So I'm sorry no one was up to it-too bad you aren't in NY! :)
And this was probably the funniest TT I have ever read. I'm sure we all have someone we could plug into our own list- and probably sound even lamer. ;)

Harlekwin said...

Hilarious list!

$200.00 a ticket... Really?!? Ouch!

Happy TT!! Have fun watching the Globetrotters.

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

You learn so much from these Thursday posts, I love it! Great list!

Come check out my bok bok blog!


Penelope Anne said...

Hubby is a Fanilow...I am not, but can tolerate the songs...hey I would have went with you though.
11 had me laughing so hard I spit the coffee again...
Mine is up:

FRIGGA said...

Really?!? Barry Manilow? Okay....

Anonymous said...

As usual, you cracked me up. I must admit (am I ashamed or not? I can't decide) I am a huge Fanilow. If I was there I would so have gone with you in a heartbeat!

The Rock Chick said...

michelle: thank you! the more fanilows, the better!

lazy daisy: see, I knew I'd find someone who wanted to go!

moondancerdrake: I've been to a few Manilow concerts and there's not too many cute guys there. I don't think that would work with the hubby ;)

rockycat: I know! That's hard to believe, isn't it? I was a little disappointed when I heard that he didn't write all the songs he sings, including that one!

karina: You're in for Bon Jovi!!! (I already have my tickets for the show in Feb!)

malcolm: You're still ok with me even if you're not a Fanilow! I love the song Mandy. I knew he didn't write it, but I didn't realize the name was initially Brandy. Look at all the things I learn from you, Malcolm!

mom huebert: oh, YOU are a true FANILOW!!!! I just love to get all weepy to his songs!

shannon: that's how I am with TV, I will watch pretty much anything LOL
Hmmm...who would you write your "lame list" about? Just curious...

harlekwin: thank you! Yes, $200 for the good seats. I don't like bad seats. I will have fun at The Globetrotters!!!

dont make me: happy tt to you, too!! Thanks!

penelope: (that's my mom's name, BTW) I love that cute! So the hubby is a Fanilow, huh? I admire that. Not too many guys are willing to admit that I think!

frigga: yes, really! :)

vixensden: no need to be ashamed. There's tons of Fanilows out there! Somewhere. Can't seem to find any here, though :)

This Eclectic Life said...

I'd have gone with you! Not for $200 a ticket, but I'd have bought you a cd or two to cheer you up. I'm a fanilow...sort of. But, not in public.
I'm so sorry that all your friends deserted you in your time of need.
Would I get points if I told you that Barry is my cousin? He isn't, but I like points.

Starrlight said...

Great list, and I'd go with ya for Copacabana alone!

Ancient Kingdom said...

Lol, great list....I think he's in MN this weekend...and this part of the world my mother's gen. likes him to death...

Nicholas said...

Fanilows? I like that!

AJ Chase said...

I love at the Copa and I've always wondered about my sanity in that regard. I laughed all the way through your list.

pussreboots said...

I would have gone if you had bought me a ticket. Happy TT.

JAM said...

I'll bet Goonan would have gone with you!

rileycentral said...

Is he gay? I never knew for sure but it sure seems like it. Anyway lol, I like some of his songs too. I think he'd be a good concert.

The Rock Chick said...

Shelly: You would get major points if Barry were your cousin. Since he's not, I can only give you the consolation prize of half points. But, since you would have gone with me, I'll bump your points up to three-quarters. You're still in the lead, no worries :)

starrlight: that's one of my faves!! Always gets me wanting to do the merengue and cha cha!

ancient: they say Barry has fans from 8 to 80! I believe that! getting them to admit it is another story, but he sold out The United Center yesterday which is at least 23,000 people.

The Rock Chick said...

nicholas: I like Fanilows, too :)

aj chase: hey, Copa is a catchy tune!

pussreboots: Next time!!!

JAM: yes, I'm sure Goonan would have gone with me! Too bad I "lost" his phone number an couldn't ask him!!

damien: you know, I think so. I don't know that for sure, though. He was married at one point, but that doesn't mean anything. He really does a great concert!!! Seen him a few times!

Anonymous said...

I love Barry--I have ever since I was a kid; sadly, Geek Boy isn't. It drives him crazy when my best friend and I call each other just to sing Copa. Poor humorless little nerd. :-)

Fourier Analyst said...

I would have gone with you (pout)!

And yes, indeed there are sadder things!