Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

And I’m not going to disagree. Nope! This Saturday is Sweetest Day and I actually didn’t forget.

I don’t normally forget important days. I don’t use any kind of calendar and I never write anything down, but I always remember people’s birthdays and these so-called “Hallmark Holidays”.

When we first started dating, my hubby surprised me one Saturday night with a box of chocolates and a beautiful, poetic, romantic card that made my eyes well up with tears. I am a weeping willow. I can’t help it. Once I cried for a contestant on The Price Is Right because I was so happy for her. In my defense, I was pregnant and hormonal at the time, but it is a true story.

I call those kinds of cards “Buck Lovies” because that’s what my dad used to call them. My mom always wanted those sappy Valentine’s Day cards and my dad used to joke that they were too expensive. They cost a dollar (expensive for cards at the time I imagine) so “Buck Lovies” came to be.

What was the occasion that sent hubby in search of dark chocolates, Buck Lovies and whispers of sweet nothings in my ear?

Sweetest Day.

I have to be honest. I can’t say I had heard of Sweetest Day until that evening. I felt like a total loser. Where did this day come from and why didn’t I know about it? I am romantic, after all. I don’t even have a 24 hour limit on Valentine’s Day. With me, you get an entire week of celebration and no VD jokes. How on earth could something called “Sweetest Day” get under my radar? I hate when things like that happen.

Truth be told, I don’t know. I do know that for some reason, I can’t seem to remember it every year.

After a little investigating, I learned that Sweetest Day was not really designed to be a romantic holiday, like Valentine’s Day. It pretty much is only celebrated in the midwestern United States and it was originated by a candy maker years and years ago for people to remember and give sweet treats to the orphans, the old folks, the sick, the poor and of course, newsboys.

As a first generation Sesame Streeter, I’m of these things doesn’t belong here...

Why newsboys? I have no idea, but I’m sure spreading the word to sell more candy probably had something to do with it. Just a guess on my part. I’m not really Nancy Drew, you know, I just play her on the internet.

Somewhow the tone of the day turned more romantic and this year I remembered. I have the hubby’s Buck Lovie and gift all ready to go!! The hubby doesn’t care for sweets, though. He prefers things a little more on the spicy side. Hey, who am I to disagree? ;)

Don't forget your sweeties this Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rock Chick!
I found your blog because of your reference to newsboys. Of course, I was looking for THESE newsboys! lol or
They are a great pop/rock band. With your screen name being Rock Chick, maybe you should check them out!

Karina said...

What ONE holiday to single out the single wasn't enough...we have two now? sheesh! ;-)

Pen and the Sword said...

I've never heard of this before. Very interesting. I think I will skew the truth for hubby and tell him he has to be sweet to me all day Saturday :o)

Kendra said...

i never knew that's how sweetest day originated... very interesting!

JAM said...

I love the "Buck Lovies" story, and the Price is Right story. That's one of those, I'll-bet-I-can-name-something-I-have-done-that-you-haven't-done stories.

Hey, at least you got some candy out of the deal.

carrie said...

I can tell you why newsboys are in that grouping...Newsboys, typically, WERE orphans or at least homeless, street boys. The newspapers could pay them pennies per newspaper sold and because if they didn't sell any papers they couldn't buy food to eat they'd do a darn good job selling papers. you wanted to know that right?

Oh and Happy Sweetest day...i'm off to find chocolate ;)

The Rock Chick said...

anonymous: yep, wrong newsboys, but I'm glad you stayed! I will check out the sites you mentioned!

karina: yes, I guess so :(

pen: The midwestern US thing must be true....It's only been 16 years since I've heard about it, but I guess it has been celebrated for over 80 years.

kendra: I just think it's kind of interesting that it's not celebrated at all how it was originally intended.

JAM: I'm fond of the Buck Lovies phrase myself! Yes! Candy! Can't go wrong with chocolate!

carrie: I TOTALLY did not know that about newsboys! Now it makes total sense! This is what's so cool about blogging---I learn something new all the time! Happy Sweetest Day to you, too!!!! Thanks for the info :)

Crystal said...

Ooh I loved the Newsboys in high school (the band, not the boys delivering news).

Speaking of high school... I believe that was the last time I've heard the term "Sweetest Day". I guess that tells you that we don't celebrate it! lol

Hope said...

Hey, just found your site and enjoying your posts. I've learned something new today "Sweetest Day" originated by a candy maker.

carrie said...

No problem...I always thought their lives were so romantic...*giggles* I was a weird child...