Monday, October 15, 2007

Read Between The Lines

Since I’m sitting here today shivering with fever and a sore throat from some unknown virus, I thought I’d catch up on some blogging.

I’ve been on a reading kick lately. I always read, usually it’s blogs and tabloid magazines. I still read those, of course, but now I’ve been kicking back a few books, too.

As promised, I did read “Chasing The Devil” by Dave Reichert, who was the lead investigator in the 20+ year hunt for The Green River Killer. His account was very detailed if you are interested in serial criminals and it gave another perspective to the story that I read in Ann Rule’s book about the same subject “Green River, Running Red”.

What I do find amusing is “reading between the lines” of non-fiction books. Fortunately, few people are so sociopathic that they are emotionless and even though it wasn’t said outright, I got the impression that while Ann Rule may have the highest praises for Dave Reichert’s detective work, she might not have been all that crazy about him personally. I don’t know if that’s true, it’s just my perception, but if it is accurate, I can understand why. He’s a weeeeee bit on the arrogant side. Still, the book was great and I learned quite a bit.

When I was done with that one, I went back to Ann Rule and read “Worth More Dead”. This book tells the stories of several true cases involving murder for money.

Greed. It always does people in.

I watch Deal or No Deal and I wonder if those contestants are insane. I don’t think anyone has hit the proverbial jackpot on that show. Take The Deal, Dummy!! If you’re thinking of hiring a hitman to collect life insurance money...forgetaboutit. They will either screw it up, not do it at all and/or go to the police. Even if it appears to go off without a hitch, you will still be the number one suspect and when they arrest the hitman for leaving trace at the scene, he will take the deal offered to him. You won't win.

And finally, I read Ann Rule’s “Lust Killer”. The lust killer in this story, Jerry Broudos, is really a serial killer, but they didn’t use that terminology in the late 60’s when he was out there trolling the streets. The book, as hers always are, is well written with quite a detailed biography of the subject. These lust killers rarely start out killing. Their perversions, fantasies and emotional/mental disorders accelerate through the years until the time comes that they do start killing. Once that happens, they don’t stop until they are captured or dead. The Green River Killer appears to have been able to maybe put a halt to his behaviors for a while, but once a stressor occurs in their lives, back to killing they go.

I know, I know, it’s a depressing subject to read about, but I find it fascinating. I used to believe that these serial killers were merely born that way, but I really no longer believe that. I do believe that mentally there is something wrong with them, but reading bio after bio of serial killers, there are some definite similarities in upbringing, too. It’s nature and nurtured, in my opinion and fortunately, these types are far from the norm.

The next book I’m reading is actually fiction! I found it on a side display at the bookstore and thought I would check it out.

It’s “Cross Bones” by Kathy Reichs and it’s claimed to be “a spirited rival to the Da Vinci Code”, which by the way, was one of my favorite books ever. I still don't get all the controversy considering it's clearly marked fiction on the cover.

Hopefully, this one will be just as good! I'll be sure to let you know.


Rick Hegdahl said...

"Sheriff Hairspray" Dave Reichert, is the WA-08 (Seattle eastern suburbs) Republican Congressman now and is a rubber stamp for "W" Bush.

He has made it a priority to legislate the end of felons making a profit from "murderabilia".

I believe it is a bit hypocritical of him (as well as a waste of efforts in Congress) to be pushing for a law to make it illegal for felons to make money off of their crimes but it is ok for him to make money off of those same crimes thgrough the sale of his book.
He must be very busy up there in Washington D.C. to be able to take the time to write a book.

We are doing all we can to make this his last term as our representative.

Support Darcy Burner for Congress!


Pen and the Sword said...

Very interesting reading there. I love a good nonfiction book every now and again. I loved Sybil and Go Ask Alice. I will have to look into your selections.

mom huebert said...

These sound interesting. I've exhausted Agatha Christie. Maybe I'll have to turn to "real" crime.

Damien Riley said...

I may pick up that Green River Killer book. Sounds very interesting. I like stories about the criminal minds . . . amazing what people are capable of. Probably makes me sound odd but hey, you're odder so it's okay ;)

The Rock Chick said...

rick: thanks for stopping by! I had to laugh about the Hairspray nickname...I noticed his picture perfect hair on the cover of the book. I have no issues with him writing a book about the issues were more with his ego in the book. He wrote that his ego "couldn't take" a female that he had trained who ended up with a higher rank sooner than he did. A little chauvenistic. I can't vote for him but after reading that, I wouldn't.

pen: if you like true crime, ann rule is the best!

mom: I like Agatha Christie, too!!

damien: it's really interesting. I prefered Ann Rule's to Dave Reichert's, though, as far as giving some bios about the killer and the victims. And yes, I am an odd one..that's ok!!!! Odd is what makes the world interesting :)

Kendra said...

did i mention i'm on a reading kick too? and now that i take the metro to work every day i have even more time to read!

i found a fellow bon jovi lover blogger today and sent her your direction! ;)

Crystal said...

It sounds interesting. I like watching shows like Criminal Minds where they do the profiling and stuff.

What are the similarities in upbringing among the serial killers? Now I'm curious.

Vixen said...

I loved DaVinci Code, so hurry and give me a lowdown on Cross Bones :)

JAM said...

I liked the story of the DaVinci Code, and I've also read all of Dan Brown's other books. I liked Angels and Demons a whole lot better than DaVinci Code, but that's just me.

I wish I liked true crime books, but the one that I have read was by Ann Rule one of the things that I liked about the one that I read was that she was more or less transparent, telling the story and facts and not putting herself in there much. I got a true crime book by John Grisham this past Christmas, but I haven't been desperate enough for something to read to try and tackle it.

With all the books that are published every year, there's plenty for each person's taste. I'm still on somewhat of a science fiction kick right now.