Sunday, August 12, 2007

Who Let The Dogs Out?

YES! My latest technorati authority score is 478!

That means, I am only 22 new links away from “The A-List”! Thanks again to everyone who has recently linked to me! I’ve been trying to keep track as best as I can for Shelly’s raffle, but please check her site tomorrow and make sure you’ve been credited with raffle tickets for your links.

I had started to write this blog entry yesterday, when I was called away by my Desperate Housewife neighbor, Lynette, on an urgent matter. She was driving down our block and saw two wandering dogs who were lost with no tags. They were both kind of just laying on the sidewalk, exhausted and thirsty. Poor babies. I temporarily named them Scooby and Scrappy Doo.

Lynette doesn’t have any dogs of her own and she’s a little afraid of dogs she doesn't know, so she called me to help her out. I brought some leashes over and walked the dogs back to Lynette’s house. I would have brought them to my house, but since we had to put my dog BAILey down two months ago, my other dog, Book ‘Em (as in, Danno!), has been a little weird with other dogs. He used to love visiting other dogs and now he kind of cowers from them. I have no idea why.

These two dogs were very sweet and we called the police department to let them know we had the dogs should someone be looking for them. After an hour and a half and no word, the police department came and picked them up. I hope they find their family.

It’s so scary when you lose your dogs. Last summer, I had just given both of my mangy mutts a bath outside on a very warm summer day and had taken their collars off to do so. I left them to shake and fluff back up in the backyard and did not realize that my son had not locked the gate completely. I went inside to do some housework for about 30 minutes and when I went back out to check on the dogs, they were both gone!

I was relieved to know that they would stay together, but I was frantic. I drove around for about 15 minutes thinking that the dogs could have been gone for as long as 45 minutes now and decided to go home and see if they came back on their own. If not, I’d call the police and hope that someone reported seeing them.

As I turned onto the next block to go back home, I passed a squad car and in the back seat were my doggies, sitting there panting, drooling and looking all guilty like Bonnie and Clyde. Good Lord.

I turned around and chased after the squad car. He had gotten far ahead of me and now had turned onto a busy street, so I did the only think I could think to do and I called the police station and had them ask “Car 8” to pull over. That’s right. The Rock Chick was pulling over a squad car!

I think the dispatcher thought I was insane, but when I finally convinced him the officer had my dogs in the car, I saw the squad pull over into a parking lot and I pulled in behind him.

Believe me, he was just as happy to be rid of my mutts as I was to find them!


Damn Receipt said...

Hello !

I have visited your blog. It has been a pleasure to read you.

I wish you the best.

Damn Receipt.

Amy The Black said...

I hope that someone is actually missing their dogs instead of what seems to happen in my area: people drive unwanted dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies here and dump them. In the past month, we've had three puppies and two kittens. Check out my post Stinkbag to learn more.

Jessica Morris said...

The image of you chasing down a police car and then calling in to have it pull over is so funny!! :)

Thanks for the laugh!!

And I hope those dogs find their owners!

Jennifer said...

I'm giving you a few more links. At some sites I run. LOL.... Hope you make it. Here comes five or so links.

Sparky Duck said...

The rock chick, all powerful!

The Rock Chick said...

damn receipt: thanks for stopping by!

amy: I know people do that. Last year someone dumped 4 cats and they were living in people's bushes all around the neighborhood. It's terrible. I don't understand how someone could do that when there are shelters all over the place. I'm going to check out your post!

jessica: you gotta do what you gotta do!! I don't think I would have thought of that on my own, though...when I worked at the PD someone did that to one of our squads. Initially, I had the same reaction as the dispatcher who answered my call :)

jennifer: thank you so much!!! IYou bumped up my technoarti score to 483! Woo Hoo!! Almost there!!

sparky: yes, that's me :)