Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wipe Out!

I don’t normally endorse/comment on any kind of product unless I am crazy about it. I don’t like to be sued. I found one, though, totally praiseworthy. It’s a data recovery tool called PhotoRescue and I think it totally saved my ass. Oh sorry, my tiara.

Friday night, I went rock chicking. Rock Chicks wear many hats, but my main job when rock chicking is to be a dancing photographer. Not many people can do that, you know, especially when they have whiplash.

Anyway, this gig was so much fun and totally made up for the last time I rock chicked at the “Suckiest Gig Ever”. I was busy all night dancing and taking pictures and had quite a few really good shots.

Yesterday morning, I took my memory card out of the camera, stuck it in the card reader and got a message that there are no photos. YIKES! I tried again and nope. There was nothing on the memory card. It was completely wiped out....empty.

My heart sank. How on earth was I going to tell my friends that I had no pictures of one of their best gigs ever? Since I use a Mac and the hubby only had Windows data recovery tools, he suggested I find some sort of data recovery software online and see if it finds the pictures. I found PhotoRescue and it did! It found every single one of them!

Let this be a lesson to anyone who reads my blog who is up to no good or throwing away/giving away a computer. When you delete or erase something from your camera, computer, memory card..whatever, it’s technically still there somewhere until it’s been written over by new data. It can be recovered with the right tools, which, by the way, are extremely inexpensive and easy to use. Just a word of advice.


Pann said...

Awesome. Data loss can be so upsetting. Glad your photos were found!

BTW, I named you a " Rockin' Girl Blogger" on my blog. You deserve it!

Damien said...

That has always amazed me how they can do that.

The Rock Chick said...


Thank you!! I am flattered. I can't find a link to your blog....can you send one to me @ ???

Thanks--I'd like to give you what my friend Shelly calls "link love"


Dayngr said...

Excellent advice!

Kendra said...

i have 3 words for you: I LOVE YOU!! seriously, please do not take this the wrong way but i was just able to recover all of my LOST san francisco photos!!!!!!!! i am literally jumping for joy!! why didn't you tell me about this when i wrote this post: ?i'm just so frickin' happy right now! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Kendra said...

i was just teasing about you not telling me sooner, but thank you sooooo much!!! i'm so glad you blogged about this otherwise i wouldn't have my photos!!!!